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“Rails cost far more to maintain than roads, and while the cost of roads is shared between autos, trucks and buses, most rail transit lines are dedicated exclusively to the few rail riders.”


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Burnie Thompson interview with James Morris

Posted by Alexander Snitker August 11, 2014 Comments are off 117 views
Burnie Thompson explains that the GOP has silenced him speaking out against the cronyism on our local and state government.

Adrian Wyllie Speaks at the 1st Annual “Know Your Rights Summit” in Ocala Florida 8-9-14

Posted by Alexander Snitker August 11, 2014 Comments are off 169 views
Adrian Wyllie Speaks at the 1st Annual "Know Your Rights Summit" in Ocala Florida 8-9-14.

2014 Judicial Survey Results for 6th Circuit of Florida

Posted by Alexander Snitker June 7, 2014 Comments are off 419 views
Judicial Survey of the 69 Judges (in both Civil and Criminal divisions) in the 6th Circuit covering both Pinellas and Pasco Counties. The survey was open to private Attorneys (both civil and criminal defense), prosecutors, assistant public...

The 2014 LFN Florida Legislative Scorecard is Complete

Posted by Alexander Snitker June 2, 2014 Comments are off 297 views
After nearly a month of scouring through the 1800 pieces of legislation, choosing methodology, analyzing roll call votes and tabulating rankings, The Liberty First Network has done an analysis and scorecard of the legislative session.

The Truth About Elliot Rodger

Posted by Alexander Snitker May 27, 2014 Comments are off 388 views
An in-depth look at Elliot Rodger's Isla Vista, California mass shooting, manifesto and the lead up to these tragic events.

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