2011-01-07 Show Notes

Posted by Alexander Snitker January 7, 2011 Comments are off 104 views

Drone may be coming to Miami-Dade


John Boehner’s Reality Check


William Daley tapped as Obama’s chief of staff


Obama Taps JP Morgan Exec Daley As Chief Of Staff


500 More Blackbirds Die, Deepening Mystery


More mystery bird deaths reported, this time in Louisiana


Scott Andringa for Judge?


Record high food prices stoke fears for economy


Fed May Keep Easing at `Full Throttle’ Until Decline in Unemployment Rate


Raise debt limit to avoid national catastrophe, Geithner warns Congress


Airport Steaming Over Strip Club Neighbor


Organization Spotlight

Michael Boldin with the 10th Amendment Center



Rodger Paxon With the Arkansas Libertarian Party


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