Chinese National On Biden Security Detail?

Posted by Adrian Wyllie March 28, 2011 5 Comments 654 views

by Adrian Wyllie

A possible Chinese national (left) on Secret Service detail for Joe Biden

TAMPA – As Vice President Joe Biden attended a fundraising event in downtown Tampa on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, local activists encountered a intriguing member of the security detail outside the event, who seemed to indicate on video (see below) she was involved with the Chinese government.

Activists Jordan Harrah and Matt Leffler with We Are Change Tampa were approached and questioned by two members of Biden’s security detail, a white male and an Asian female.  The man identified himself as a Tampa police officer, and provided his identification.

The woman refused to identify herself.  However, she was wearing a lapel pin with the five pointed star and crest worn by United States Secret Service agents.  Unlike normal Secret Service insignia, this pin was on a red, octagonal background.  She also wore an ear bud commonly associated with Secret Service agents.

When asked if she worked for the government, she replied, “I can’t answer that,” but later described her role as “beyond federal.”

More interestingly, she seemed to acknowledge she that she was working for the Chinese government, and pointed out that many nations have interests in America. She suggested that the protesters research China and learn the language.

We Are Change Tampa was there to protest the military action in Libya. Members held signs pointing out the hypocrisy of then Senator Biden’s 2008 call for President Bush’s impeachment should he use military force without Congressional approval.  Biden has supported President Obama’s attack on Libya, which did not receive Congressional approval.

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Adrian is the former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, founding partner of the 1787 Network and the 2014 Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Florida. He has over a decade of experience as an investigative reporter, and focuses on liberty causes, government corruption, and Constitutional violations. He is a third-generation Floridian, an entrepreneur, and served in the U.S. Army and Florida National Guard.

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There are 5 Comments

  1. Howard D
    - March 30, 2011

    This article is off track in core ways:

    1) The videotaper after rapid fire asking her many questions, said two things in one question: whether she worked for China, and whether she was Chinese. The question ended with the part about that he assumed she was Chinese. She said “That’s a possibility” which most likely was her saying “I might be Chinese background, I might also have Thai, Korean or Japanese ancestors too.” Technically he used the word nationality, but many people of ethnic backgrounds including for example Italian Americans miss phrasings at times. And in fact, lots and lots of Americans born here get similar words mixed up when a lot of words are coming at them quickly. The gist of the 2nd half of the question could easily have been absorbed as “You look Chinese – is that right.”

    So you think there is a vast nationw-wide conspiracy that George Bush and all the top Repubs and Obama and all the top Dems are in on: that China is running us or deeply involved in our security. And that Obama and to some degree Bush are attacking China’s human rights record publicly, and that China bristles us and attacks back simply to fake us out. And that they are wailing on each other at climate change conferences just to fool people into thinking they disagree. And China also agrees with all of our global actions such as bombing Libya, yet they drag their feet on supporting it such as abstaining from voting in favor of it (which is what countries do when they don’t support something).

    2) Thereafter, the interviewer goes on to conduct all questions from a this really incorrect angle. For example: “Why would you be here?”

    If you asked any American who was born in another country (and there are and always have been a lot of great Americans who weren’t born here):

    “Why would you be here.”

    They’d say similar things – that a lot of people and a lot of nations have an interest in the US. That’s common knowledge that a lot of people are interested in the US and would like to immigrate here.

    3) Clearly she hasn’t figured out exactly what the interviewer is thinking other than that he’s seems a bit crazy and seems to potentially dislike Chinese people and/or to not understand why a person from China or other Asian countries would want to immigrate here. She’s pretty nice about it. She’s do what 99% of people would do, which is to be polite.

    Then the interviewer goes on to figure out she’s wearing a U.S. seal, and in her eyes (and my eyes seeing the video twice now) is in effect having a misguided conversation with himself. Her job is to keep an eye on the scene in case someone goes after the VP. So you can see in the video about 1/4 to 1/2 the time she is looking around some and only half or 3/4 of the time listening to his interrogating and presumptive questioning. Of the time she is listening to it, she’s probably wondering if he’s racist and doesn’t like Chinese, or if he’s a nutbag.

    The video says she refuses to answer his question – when his question is “Why would you do that?”

    If you were working for the Secret Service and someone who seemingly did not approve of your ethnic background, was looking at your seal and wondering “Why would you do that?” – You’d probably say he was a nut and to leave you alone, or you’d be somewhat rude in reply, or you’d at best politely change the topic. She was pretty gracious about it.

    4) Furthermore, this is not really right:

    “She suggested that the protesters research China and learn the language.”

    The interviewer asked her if she thought it was a good idea. He sought her own personal view on whether learning a foreign language and about another country was good. She said yes. Many people would affirm that it is good to learn other languages and about other countries, especially if the person’s ethnic background related to the what you’re asking. It would be like if you asked an Irish-American their personal opinion – “Do you think I or other people should learn more about Ireland.” You’d mostly get variations from yes, to sure why not, to “might as well.”

    The article makes it sound like she brought the topic up, and was walking around suggesting to protestors that they should learn Chinese and study China. It was not really even close to that. She was asked her personal yes/no opinion of whether he should learn a language and about another country. She gave her personal opinion in reply. Saying she suggested it to him is misleading.

  2. admin
    - March 31, 2011

    @Howard. I think that your points would be valid in the context of a normal conversation between two strangers. However, given the context here, I think that it’s clear she’s being asked who she is, for whom she works, and what her purpose is at this event. Though she refused to identify herself, her arrival with a Tampa police officer, and her lapel pin, made it clear she was in a position of authority. She had already approached the protesters and questioned them.

    Also, you neglected to debate some key statements she made. She said she did not work for the city of Tampa, but said “we” are working with the city of Tampa, implying an organization. Since the man on her right identified himself as a Tampa police officer, she couldn’t have been referring to him as “we.” When asked if she worked for the federal government, she clearly said “no” and that her role was “beyond federal.”

    Then, he asked if she was working for the Chinese government, with a statement about her appearance as clarification to why he asked the question. It is clear to any rational person that this line of questioning was regarding her official capacity, not her ethnic background. While she did not directly confirm that she worked for the Chinese government, her answers and body language were all in the affirmative, while still being evasive.

  3. Jordan
    - March 31, 2011


    I understand how my procession of questions could create some confusion but you failed to mention that I did indeed reitterate my question: “mam, so can I ask you again..if your working for the chinese government why would you be here?” She didn’t by any means try to clear up the confusion that you seem to so knowingly assert there to be. She simply…”we were just looking at what you were doing”..something to that effect.

  4. John
    - October 24, 2011

    Egads folks. let me put this to rest.. She is a U.S. Secret Service agent based in Miami, Florida, I know her name, but I am not going to share it here. She is of “Asian background” but was born in the U.S. and is a U.S. resident and citizen. As a field agent, she was called in to supplement the Secret Service presidential detail on the president’s Florida trip.
    For thos unfamiliar, let me explain the pin. The current Secret Service security detail lapel pins are octogonal in shape. In the middle is the agency shield. There are three colors — Red, Green and Blue. All agents on a security detail are informed in advance of the “COD” or “POD” (color of the day, or pin of the day) If you look at other images from that day in Florida, you will see that every agent, including Special Agent in Charge Joe Clancy (the white, bald, heavy set man in most pictures behind Obama), is wearing the red pin.

  5. John
    - October 24, 2011

    Correction to my last: She was working the VP event, sorry. The Obama photos from that day are from DC, but clearly show Clancy wearing the red pin. I will post the link if it works

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