Adam Hasner: Ryan Budget Cures What Ails Ya!

Posted by Adrian Wyllie June 19, 2011 Comments are off 1246 views

by Alex Snitker and Adrian Wyllie

U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner is selling Paul Ryan’s Roadmap For America’s Future budget plan like a 19th century snake oil salesman.

In a recent article by Adam Hasner, he wrote, “House Republicans, led by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, wrote a plan that balances the budget, pays down the debt, cuts spending, and saves Medicare. I support it.

When your average voter reads this, they would assume that this plan would balance the budget within their lifetime. But, in classic snake oil salesman fashion, Hasner is spinning more than washing machine.   At worst, he’s outright lying.  Maybe he should have added that the Ryan plan cures goiter and migraines, too.

Sure, you could say that the Paul Ryan plan balances the budget. But, if you want to be honest, you would also volunteer that it doesn’t balance the budget until the year 2063.

According to Paul Ryan’s own data, the Ryan plan will not balance the budget for more than 50 years, and that’s based on optimistic projections of GDP growth. Throw in another new war or entitlement program and…oh, wait.   Hmmmm.

And, the Ryan plan guarantees that we will raise the debt ceiling, raise taxes, or both for the next several decades.

Sadly, the Paul Ryan plan is an epic failure, and so is Adam Hasner for supporting it.  If you are not going to even balance the budget for at least 50 years, how on earth will you start to pay down the debt?

The truth is that the Paul Ryan plan will add nearly $5 trillion to the debt in the next 10 years.  This is why the GOP establishment doesn’t cite actual dollar amounts in the plan.  They are selling this train wreck by using percentage of GDP as projected by the Congressional Budget Office.

So we first must look at the CBO projections. The CBO estimates that in the year 2020, the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, which is the total economic output of America, will be $22.8 trillion.

Now, enter the Ryan plan.  According to the chart released by Ryan, federal spending will be 18.5% of GDP in 2020.  So total federal spending in 2020 will be $4.21 trillion. Or, a roughly a 15% INCREASE over current spending levels.

Hey, Hasner, how is that a cut?

In that same year, it projects that the national debt will be 70.5% of the estimated $22.8 trillion GDP. So that means the national debt will be slightly over $16 trillion, or about $2 trillion more than it is today.  Oh, and just as a side note, the Ryan plan proposes we raise the national debt to 100% of GDP by 2043.

Hey Hasner, how is that reducing the national debt?

It looks like we already know how the Republicans will be voting on the debt ceiling increase, don’t we?

But something doesn’t add up. The Ryan plan calls for increases in federal spending of an average of $500 billion per year over the next nine years. That equals approximately $4.5 trillion in new spending.

But, wait…The Ryan plan only adds $2 trillion to the national debt.  The plan, with all of its spending increases, seems to be about $2.5 trillion in deficit over the next nine years.

Could new taxes to make up this $2.5 trillion shortfall be part of the Ryan plan?  Given the numbers, tax increases are a real possibility, and raising the debt ceiling is mandatory.

Every politician trumpeting the Ryan plan knows it will add to the national debt. Any politician who supports it is not serious about the imminent danger this country faces.  Weren’t they elected to stop stealing from future generations?

When Hasner says the Ryan plan balances the budget, pays down the debt, cuts spending, we must wonder whether he has simply failed to read it, or he’s flat out lying.

Hasner and the other supporters of the Paul Ryan plan will tell you that, compared to Obama’s plan, it will reduce the budget by $6 trillion in that same time frame.  My wife uses the same argument when buying shoes.  She swears that she saved the family $30 because her $100 flats were 30% off.

Shouldn’t we expect politicians to not spin these numbers and give it to the American people straight?   We are not getting that from candidate Hasner, and that should give you a solid warning that this man is not to be trusted.

Hasner should know about the Paul Ryan plan and how horrible it is for America. He should know that this plan does not balance the budget. He should know that it increases federal spending. He should know that the Paul Ryan plan does not pay down the national debt.  He wants to claim that his support of this plan is the responsible thing to do, but this is just another fleecing in a long series of fiscally irresponsible measures by both Democrats and Republicans in Washington.

Hasner claims that he is standing up to the status quo politicians. Hasner claims that his support is not a calculation aimed at winning an election, and that he is working to solve the challenges that this country faces.

Now, the snake oil salesmen will continue to defend this plan by saying that, while this plan is not perfect, it is far better than the Obama plan. We’ll hear excuses like, “At least we are doing something,” implying that no one has come up with a better plan.

But there have been two plans introduced this year that would have actually reduced spending, reduced the debt, and balanced the budget within our lifetime.

During the Ryan plan vote, the Republican Study Committee introduced an amendment that would have actually balanced the budget in 10 years. Perhaps it was not the best plan, but it was vastly superior to the Ryan boondoggle. House Republicans nearly passed this amendment, until Ryan and other GOP establishment types started frantically lobbying against it at the last minute.

In an ironic development, House Democrats nearly tricked the GOP into passing the RSC amendment.

There was also a plan introduced by Rand Paul in the Senate that would have balanced the budget in five years. This plan was viciously attacked by Republicans because it calls for the elimination of all government sponsored foreign aid.

We have too many Republicans who love big government and stealing money from future generations.  I hope that the tea party groups are starting to understand. These politicians would rather steal the money from you and your children and give it to a variety of dictatorships, theocracies, and communist regimes in the form of foreign aid.  It is sad that our politicians fail to understand that our national security is weakened by our expanding national debt.

There are three possible conclusions that one can draw from Hasner’s comments.

One, he failed to actually read and understand the Ryan plan, and is just regurgitating GOP talking points. If so, he’s not smart enough to be a U.S. Senator.

Two, he has read and understood the Ryan plan, and is lying about what it actually contains. If so, he’s not honest enough to be a U.S. Senator.

Three, he thinks that you, the voter, is too stupid to look into the facts. He is simply making political calculation aimed at winning an election. If so, he’s just another pompous oligarch, which disqualifies him from being a U.S. Senator.

Electing Hasner will ensure that we continue the big-government, out-of-control spending has become standard policy in Washington.

Will anyone step up and run with a plan that will actually restore the Republic and save this country from the politicians before it’s too late?  What America needs is a serious plan that will reign in the out of control federal spending.

The Ryan plan isn’t it.

We need more Thomas Jeffersons and less snake oil salesmen.

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