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By Alex Snitker and Tom Rhodes

Florida GOP Statists, and those of you who follow them, you know who you are.  You voted for Allen West, and listen to Rush, put down the glass and don’t drink the Kool-Aid. To paraphrase a well know talk show host, for those of you from Fort Lauderdale, when somebody referrers to Drinking the Kool-Aid, that means to become an unquestioning believer in some ideology, or to accept an argument or philosophy wholeheartedly or blindly without critical examination. This is the only explanation for the continued support of Allen West.

West voted for the “super congress” and raising the debt ceiling. Both positions are clearly statist positions and not constitutionally supported. If you support West and these decisions you are clearly not on the side of liberty and freedom and clearly not on the same side as we are. If you believe that our Republic is in jeopardy, that liberty and freedom are valuable, then your continued support for West puts you at odds with the foundations of the USA, the Libertarian Party, and even what the GOP says it stands for. Support for West is a clear indicator that all you care about is making sure the GOP is in charge when they destroy this country.

Allen West and those who think like he does are the ones who do not live in reality. Let’s just consider his voting and statements on Iran. For the sake of argument assume he right about Iran. Where are the troops going to come from for another war? Where is the money going to come from to pay for another war?

Ok, Ok we can use the statist police, and just print some more money and we can find a way to move forces around and bring enough for another conflict wouldn’t you think that this would spread out forces out so thin that the United States would be less safe and vulnerable to an attack. Unlike the smaller countries we are at war with in the Middle East, Libya and Yemen, Iran has friends who will back them up. Russia and China for starters, so getting UN approval is doubtful. We better be ready to defend ourselves from those countries that will help Iran. Note that OPEC countries including Venezuela will probably “sanction” us and then watch what happens to our gas prices. A 6th active war in Iran would probably cripple the US financially, and pretty much plunge us into a full fledged depression.

At some point reality has to hit you in the face, let’s hope it happens before we get into another war. We are already in 5 right now: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen, (if you count the war on drugs then it’s 6). This does not mean that I like Iran, but it is the actions of the US that made Iran an enemy. US intervention since 1953 has left neither the people of Iran better off, nor improved US Iranian relations. I believe Iran would be better off with a change in leadership but the actions of the US for over half a century have failed to even hint at an acceptable power structure.

We should take a different route. How about we go back to a little advice from the founders of this country. Let’s trade with the people of this country and show them what freedom and liberty mean. If we do that those people will rise up and remove their dictators for us and we don’t have to fire a shot. That is unless we give those dictators billions per year and they use that to kill the opposition. Egypt comes to mind real quick. It is because we do not adhere to a non-interventionist foreign policy we have troops all over the country and have spent trillions to maintain our global presence. We have given hundreds of billions to countries all over the world who really don’t like us.

The people who support a Constitutional foreign policy are in this for the long haul; the statist agenda of being the world’s police, nation builder, and welfare provider is coming to an end. The US cannot remain the statists provider of funding for socialism across the world anymore. The reason is simple, the ruling elite at the UN and in Washington have run out of others people’s money.

Margaret Thatcher said it best about socialism when she said “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”. Our current foreign policy is much closer to socialism than the foreign policy of our founders. When Obama got to office he only continued what Bush started. Obama kept the same plan going in Iraq and we are still there, He added troops to Afghanistan, increased unmanned airstrikes in Pakistan, started a war in Libya. Obama has spent more on military than Bush did.

At home if we follow the direction of FEMA, and other service providing government agencies, by preparing for disaster, protecting our identities, etc. Then the militarized enforcement arm of the Federal Government (Homeland Security, FBI, etc.) will declare us terrorists. The Patriot act is still in effect and is now being used on the Tea Parties and those active duty members coming home. Our Wives and mothers are being groped in the airport and we are all being scanned with devices that cause cancer.

You have to be blind not to see what this is doing to this country. We are turning into a police state. The people are waking up to this and the statists in Washington know that the people are listening to us. Allen West, and the other Statists in DC are doing the best you can to try to scare us back into line. IT AIN’T GONNA WORK THIS TIME.

Allen West and those who have drank the GOP/Democrat Statist Kool-Aid actually think that America should be able to force other countries to do things because you think they know better than those sovereign nations. This statist mentality is present throughout the UN, and the Washington ruling elite. Neither respects our Constitution nor the sovereignty of any nation.

There are some who think we should all be able to unite under this Republican banner but I think that is crap. Look at how the GOP tore up its own members of the debt ceiling. They are fracturing; just compare the principles of the RLC (Republican Liberty Caucus) to the actual positions and actions of the GOP leadership. Statists just can’t help it. Foreign policy is the main issue and the leading factor to the rise of socialism in this country. I refuse to support anyone who will continue this foreign policy. If you do not support bringing the troops home and eliminating ALL foreign aid you just don’t understand the problem and will not get any support from libertarian minded people. Without the support of libertarians (whose values are reflected in most of the GOP, third parties, and independents), the Republicans will lose big and/or see even more of the old guard replaced with TEA Party people.

Do we have the majority yet? Maybe not, the 2010 election indicates that libertarian ideology may be far stronger than the statists in the Republican Party, Democrat Party and mainstream press would have us believe. Libertarian ideas do have a block big enough to sway this election and we have a more than a year left to the presidential election. Like it or not, you will have to deal with libertarian ideology.

This is more of a struggle of ideas than of parties. The 2010 elections; the TEA Party, pundits having to debate libertarian ideas, and the popularity of public personalities like John Stossel, Judge Napolitano, Neal Boortz, etc. are all indicators that the people are getting fed up with the status quo. Santorum attacking Ron Paul on stage is more proof that the establishment understands that the message of Liberty is getting out. A message that is dangerous to the current ruling elite.

Ron Paul’s position on Iran, a clearly libertarian position, is both well reasoned and constitutionally based. National defense means exactly that, defense. If there is proof that Iran as a country is killing our military then declare war. In the absence of a declared war or treaty we have neither authority nor right to dictate what technologies another sovereign nation may possess or pursue. That is within the framework of the Constitution.

The facts laid out by Paul regarding 1953 and the overthrow of Iran are completely accurate and without dispute. He does not want Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. He realizes that only the people of that country will be able to replace the evil regime that they currently live under. Sanctions do more damage to the people of Iran who believe in freedom that the evil regime.

Ron Paul wants to see freedom around the world but realizes that our current foreign policy does not accomplish that goal. This quote said it best,

“Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Ron Paul has never advocated for isolationism and for anyone to assert this shows a complete lack of understanding on the issue. Isolationism being a national policy of abstaining from political or economic relations with other countries, is far different from the position that Ron Paul takes; Non-Interventionism. This is the same foreign policy that the founders of this country supported. If you would like to learn more about it go to this link here.

The constant tripe of Republicans saying they want to get back to the type of country that the founders envisioned, then acting and supporting constant war mongering, and foreign policy that entangles and binds us to countries that do not support us is hypocritical at best, and only serves to concentrate power among statists at the expense of the people’s liberty. Allen West’s record has shown him to be a statist, who firmly believes in concentrating power in Washington, and dictating to other sovereign nations. I’m on the side of peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations as envisioned by our founding fathers. What side are you on?

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