2012-06-01 Liberty Underground Radio Show

Posted by Adrian Wyllie June 3, 2012 Comments are off 371 views

Sickness runs rampant among the 1787 Network crew, but we do our best to press on.  Loring Smith explains how the power to tax is the power to destroy, Alex Snitker discusses this week’s Pinellas County Sheriff’s debate, Mark Dougan gives us an update of the corruption in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Danielle Alexandre interviews Pasco County Sheriff candidate Maurice Radford, and Adrian Wyllie sips NyQuil and wonders why Connecticut Communists are weaponizing unmanned aerial Herman Cains.

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Adrian is the former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, founding partner of the 1787 Network and the 2014 Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Florida. He has over a decade of experience as an investigative reporter, and focuses on liberty causes, government corruption, and Constitutional violations. He is a third-generation Floridian, an entrepreneur, and served in the U.S. Army and Florida National Guard.

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