Freedom Festival 2012 Announced in time for GOP Convention

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Ron Paul Supporters to put on World Class Event for Everyone

Tampa, Fla., June 8, 2012.

It’s official.  FREEDOM FESTIVAL 2012 has confirmed that its World class festival, a celebration of freedom, liberty and dreams, will be hosted by Fantasy of Flight, an attraction and exhibition facility located between Orlando and Tampa Florida.  FREEDOM FESTIVAL 2012 will run from August 24 through August 26, 2012, and will offer live music and entertainment for the whole family.  The event is expected to officially kick off the GOP nominating convention promoting a message of “INCLUSION” and will focus on Constitutional adherence, bringing together supporters of all GOP campaigns as well as Libertarians and Independents for 3 days of music, education and family fun.

The festival’s Activities Director, Chris Scarano stated, “all festival goers are in for a wonderful time at Freedom Festival 2012. We will be bringing in world renowned recording artists, comedians, celebrities and speakers to perform at and attend the event”.  Headlining the line-up will be Blues Traveler and there will be musical genres for all tastes including Rock, Country and Hip Hop performing on one of the 3 stages.  “We will be offering exciting activities for adults to participate in as well as an area of activities dedicated to children.  There will also be themed areas where festival attendees can enjoy historical reenactments celebrating liberty and freedom as well performances such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence and several Revolutionary War reenactments” added Chris.

Celebrated author and dynamic talk radio personality, Josh Tolley, one of the top 100 business trainers in the World, will be lending his support to Freedom Festival 2012. “I’m thrilled to know Freedom Festival is taking place.  Those who support Ron Paul’s message were worried that Freedom and Liberty wouldn’t find a home in Florida.  Now, with Freedom Festival, we have an opportunity to prove to the world why Freedom and Liberty not only have a home in Florida, but in the hearts of all people who call themselves Americans”, commented Josh.   Also offering his services as a Board member and Speaker for FREEDOM FESTIVAL 2012 will be primetime anchor as well as writer, host and producer of Reality Check, Ben Swann.

The festival is set to the backdrop of destination exhibit “Fantasy of Flight”, which is located right off the I-4 corridor between Orlando and Tampa.  This 200 acre venue offers large open areas and multiple hangers as well as a conference facility.  We will feature a VIP dining area, a VIP Liberty Club, an indoor concert arena, as well as an outdoor concert stage and many activities and vendors. Ticket prices have been confirmed at $20.12 per day, or a 3 day Freedom Pass for $50.00, children under 12 will be $2.00.

“The idea behind this festival is to bring Americans together, united under the tenets of the U.S Constitution.” Commented Zak carter, Assistant Director of Communication for Freedom Festival 2012.

The Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC is committed to supporting Freedom Festival 2012.  The goal of Grassroots for Liberty is to provide a forum through which it can promote the message of freedom and liberty, which is a vision shared by Freedom Festival 2012.  “This is going to be a monumental event….” Zak added.

About Freedom Festival 2012

Freedom Festival 2012 was born through a vision shared by all Ron Paul supporters, to promote liberty into the mainstream. The goal of the event is to welcome all constitutionally like-minded Americans and bring together people of all political beliefs for a celebration of liberty, freedom and fun for all!

For more information on Freedom Festival 2012, visit the organizations website at

Source: Freedom Aid, Inc.


Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC

Zak Carter, PR Director

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