GOP to Kick Out Paul supporters?

Posted by Alexander Snitker July 3, 2012 2 Comments 949 views

By Tom Rhodes, 7/3/12

There has been a lot of talk about not seating Ron Paul’s supporters or delegates at the Republican Convention. They fear the general and oft heard refrain of Paulites that they will not vote for Romney, he’s the same as Obama. Ron Paul or nobody – maybe Gary Johnson, but not Mitt Romney under any circumstances.

As readers of Libertarian actions in Florida know right before the GOP convention Ron Paul supporters will hold not one but two “FreedomFests”. One > in Tampa, Florida Freedom Fest 2012 the other on the I4 corridort at Fantasy of Flight between Tampa and Orlando, Freedom Festival 2012. Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters are making libertarian ideas the topic of the convention.

There is lots of talk among GOP party hacks that after their Freedom Festivals the Paulites should be banned from the convention. They fear that the presence of liberty loving delegates would turn the GOP convention into a Debacle, and that they have no reason to be there.

I hope the GOP does kick them out, but make one thing perfectly clear. Don’t come crying back to liberty loving Ron Paul supporters to vote for the elitist Mitt Romney because this is the “Most Important Election Ever.” Paulites knew this and voted for Paul, not another NE liberal in GOP clothing who promotes big government and less freedom as a solution to every problem.

As a libertarian I don’t care if Obama or Romney wins, I’m voting for Gary Johnson. In fact Obama may be preferable to Romney. The reason is that Obama may be able to do less damage than Romney, because the GOP will probably retain control of the house, and the big government Republicans in the legislature will at least make token signs of resistance to more government if a Democrat is in the White House. But they would support the leftward march sure to come if Romney is elected. But under the GOP we have seen a steady march to the left not much different than the Democrats.

The only justification to vote for Romney is that at least a “conservative” will be selecting Supreme Court Justices. That idea is dead and gone, Justice Roberts has destroyed that idea. You have to question the mental stability or minimally the IQ of “conservatives” who intend to vote for Romney. You can find only token actions that the GOP has done or accomplished that could remotely be termed “conservative”, except those social actions restricting individual liberty.

Let’s hope the GOP kicks out the few remaining libertarians, nationalists, constitutionalists, and fiscally rational people it has left. It is long past time that these people quit the GOP and joined the party genuinely devoted to liberty. It is long past time that these people quit the GOP and joined the party genuinely devoted to the principles of our Founding Fathers. It is long past time that these people quit the GOP and joined the party genuinely devoted to the interests of the American people.

The neocon takeover of the Republican Party has turned it into the flip side of the Democrat Party. The GOP has no room for those who want small government, liberty, and more freedom. There is a home for them it’s the Libertarian Party. We have a candidate, one with more executive experience than either Romney or Obama, one with a proven successful track record running government: Gary Johnson.

Let’s hope and pray the GOP kicks out the Paulites, they have and have always had a home in the Libertarian Party, it’s time they joined the true party of principle, let’s encourage the GOP to chase them here.

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Alexander Snitker is a United States Marine veteran and the first Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate from the State of Florida. Currently he is the Co-host of the Liberty Underground Radio show, Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, Director of The Liberty Empowerment Institute, Executive Director of the Save America Foundation and President of the Liberty First Network. Website: E-Mail:

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  1. Kate4RonPaul
    - July 5, 2012

    I disagree. The elite will never allow another party to become established. We are taking over the GOP. attend the festival that will celebrate all of the hard work and dedication that Dr Paul has given this movement. Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul. It’s a Ron Paul write in for me

  2. - July 9, 2012


    Historically you are wrong, Look at Mt Rushmore, everybody up their was at one time or another not part of the ruling twin parties. Lincoln was the newly formed GOP’s first candidate, Teddy Roosevelt ran as a “bull moose” . . . . .

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