Why voting for Obama or Romney doesn’t matter

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By Tom Rhodes, 8/18/2012

Fact: total government spending has increased every year since 1954. It doesn’t matter whether a Democrat or Republican was in the white house.  It doesn’t matter whether the Democrats or Repbulcans controlled the House or Senate.  The government has gotten bigger every year.

The polls are clear, the people want real spending cuts, but don’t believe that either party will actually cut spending. 60 years of constant growth in government spending is proof that regardless of what the people want and what the Republicans say they will do, the people know that government won’t reduce it’s own size voluntarily.

Knowing this more often than not, we do what we the people can do, that is minimize more intrusive government. We do this by voting for divided control of government that results in stalemate.  GOP House, Democrat Pres or visa versa.

This year was successful for the people.  The house passed fewer new laws than any time since the late 50′s. What the liberal press say as being the least productive congress in modern history, the common person sees as victory. Less laws mean less government. The fact is we know that the only time we are safe from more government is when congress is in recess and the president is playing Golf.

Penn Teller said it best when he said, “The president should have so little power that it doesn’t matter who is elected.”

It doesn’t matter if Romney or Obama win. The result will be the same; more government interference into everybody’s everyday lives.  The American public is absolutly insane, we keep doing the same thing every 4 years, over and over again, yet expect something different.  We expect “Hope and Change”, OMG we shold all be committed, electing either a Democrat or Republican to the Presidency will do the same thing it has done every time in the past 15 elections; expand government.

Since it doesn’t really matter, the Washington-Wall Street Cabal is going to maintain power, you should vote for Gary Johnson, electing a Democrat or Republican in the past 15 elections has not worked.  Why keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

The simple fact is that the most massive increase in individual wealth and prosperity the US or the world has ever saw happened with massive cuts to government spending.  Post WWII the federal government reduced it’s size by 2/3rds and economic growth was explosive.  A good bit of that was because we were the only industrialized nation whose factories weren’t destroyed by the war, but a good bit of it was from explosive entrepreneurial investment. Thousands of companies formed and collapsed based on the free market. Today we have no free market, oppressive amounts of government, and accept the idea that only government not the people can solve our problems.

In the 50′s car companies came and went, today they are “too big to fail”. Consider Jeep, do you think if our government hadn’t interfered and had let Chrysler go under Jeeps would no longer be made?  Jeeps were once made by Willeys, Kaiser, and American Motors before Chrysler bought the Jeep design and brand.  If Chrysler went under in 2009, you’d still be able to buy a Jeep today, the product is too good and sells too well; somebody would have bought the assets of Jeep from defunct Chrysler and kept making them. Chrysler didn’t need the government, we the people could and would have salvaged the remains of Chrysler, kept making jeeps, and survived. Why not do something different something that worked in the past, like less government and more freedom. It worked in 1776, it worked after WWII, it can and would work again.

Vote Democrat or Republican and you will get the same results, more government and less freedom, at least that has been the results for the past 60 years, what makes you think it will be any different this election?

The Libertarian Party – Less Government, More Freedom.  An idea that worked in the past, can work now, will work in the future.

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