Disillusioned Democrats should support Gary Johnson for President

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 11, 2012 Comments are off 185 views

By Brian Cole


During his 2008 campaign for President, Barack Obama centered much of his campaign on the civil liberties abuses of the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Administration. In Obama’s speeches, he talked about the need to close the prison in Guantanamo Bay, the evils of the Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping, and the borderline-torture interrogation techniques encouraged by Bush and Cheney.

Obama discussed the needlessness of cracking down on medical marijuana, and the desire to leave states alone that had legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes. Obama promised to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which have cost thousands of America lives and millions of deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Obama’s promises result in blatant inaction and hypocrisy

Soon after taking office, President Obama either found these promises inconvenient or undesirable to keep. These vows would not have been impossible to carry out, as these actions could have been undone with a stroke of a pen. Obama quickly proclaimed there would be no war-criminal prosecutions for any members of the previous administration, despite ample evidence for a criminal trial.

While many Obama supporters have ignored and even tried to cover up his failures, recently a few outspoken Democrats and Liberals have challenged Obama on his failures to live up to his campaign promises. Obama has blatantly shown his unwillingness to uphold to his agreements, and has worked to silence reports about these unfulfilled obligations in the mainstream media outlets.

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