Inconvenient Truths

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by Tom Rhodes, 9/11/2012

There are facts statists, progressives, specifically Democrats and crony capitalist Republicans and even some Libertarians don’t want to address and don’t want you to know:

  • 11 years ago today, the Twin Towers we felled by radical Islamists, who have declared war on the USA. We are in a religous war with people who are willing to die for what they believe, and are not willing to comprimise their beliefs to gain peace.
  • In August we added 96,000 jobs, but… we also added 125,000 people to the work force because of population growth; I don’t get how considering job growth didn’t even keep up with population growth that the government could report unemployment rate was down. The sad truth is that in totality there are nearly 400,000 less people working at the end of August than at its beginning.
  • Obama’s trillion dollar Keynesian experiment failed.
  • In the 1920’s unemployment hit 12%, ignoring the cries of the press for the government to do something, Harding not only didn’t try to stimulate the economy, he cut government spending; 2 years later unemployment was under 3%. History repeatedly proves government intervention does not hasten economic recovery but instead prolongs economic downturns.
  • The difference between being an unemployable convicted felon and POTUS, is whether in your youth you get caught doing drugs or not (maybe if you “didn’t inhale” it makes a difference).
  • The constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, unlike the Democrat platform which only recognizes that there is an American tradition of gun ownership, that is a big difference. “Trusting Democrats to promote gun rights is like entrusting Teddy Kennedy or Bill Clinton with your teenage daughter.” ~ Steve Sheldon
  • Crony Capitalism is not a free market. Trusting Republicans to promote fair and free markets is like trusting Enron with your 401K.
  • The government, specifically the police, have no legal obligation to protect you from criminals, only an ability to prosecute crimes after they occur, and they can choose to ignore crimes if they wish. So it is each individual’s responsibility to provide for their and their family’s security.
  • The poor in countries which are economically free are 10 times richer than the poor in countries that do not have economic freedom.
  • The courts (including the SCOTUS) have consistently ruled that Social Security is a tax like any other, and the government is under no legal obligation to secure those funds for individuals who pay into Social Security, as such it is by definition a Ponzi scheme, albeit a legal one, that with the current disproportionate payee/payer ratio cannot be sustained at its current level.
  • The government lied, under ObamaCare in most cases you cannot keep your current insurance.
  • The biggest determining factor of whether a child will live in poverty or be successful is not education, race, or even geographic location; The biggest determining factor of child poverty and future success is whether a child lives and is raised with a married mother and father or not.
  • You cannot have free trade without the free flow of labor and capital. The absence of tariffs without the free flow of capital and absence of immigration restrictions is not free trade.
  • Al Gore claimed the North Pole would most likely be ice-free by 2014. He was wrong, as have been virtually all of the doom and gloom Global Warming alarmists over the past 15 years.
  • Economic freedom leads to a societies overall prosperity, while spreading the wealth leads to privation.
  • The historic norm for the condition of man is for the masses to live in privation under the arbitrary rule of a few living in relative luxury. A massive middle class and huge portions of a society living in relative luxury under the rule of law is a short lived historical exception and not a historically normal state.
  • College specifically STEM degrees do not necessarily lead to better employment. These are summaries of current jobs offered at the same major power company: Note the certified STEM degreed position requires more skills, experience and certifications, yet pays less. Our education system is not preparing our children with the skills they need for success. Most college students don’t graduate within 6 years and most college graduates do not work in the field they were educated.

    Job Description
    Mechanic 1st Class – Senior Level *******-110xxx
    Basic Qualificaitions

  • Power Plant Maintenance Selection System (MASS) aptitude testing is required for this position.
    Preferred Qualifications
  • High School graduate or equivalent
  • A minimum of 2 to 5 years of Power plant mechanical maintenance experience is preferred.
    : Operations
    Minimum Pay Rate
    $ 5115.20/month

    Job Description
    Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science Degree from an accredited university or college, 5 years power plant or industrial experience or equivalent.
  • Must have a working knowledge of combustion turbine systems and equipment.
    Desired Qualifications
  • Experience in the utility industry.
  • Experience and demonstrated written and oral communications skills, including the ability to present information, facilitate meetings and provide direction to others
  • Understanding of basic principles of project management.
  • Troubleshooting skills on water pre-treatment and demineralizer operation (testing, analysis, PLC knowledge)
  • Analytical and Operating skills to evaluated and optimize plant HRSG, condenser, cooling tower and portable water systems from a chemistry perspective.
  • Licensed Waste Water Treatment Operator (Class A)
  • Financial knowledge and skills including ability to analyze data.
  • Must have strong computer skills including ability to use various applications.
  • Demonstrated effective leadership skills.
    : Science
    Minimum Pay Rate

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