Obama Hates Free Speech

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 25, 2012 Comments are off 262 views

By Tom Rhodes, 9/18/2012

Last week Obama proved he hates the first amendment. He used the strength of his office, and the weight of the White House to try and pressure Google to censor a video because it has allegedly incited violence in Libya. Google exercised and upheld both Its and its users first Amendment rights and refused. The very request itself is proof of Obama’s disdain for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the principles which they are based.

The purpose of our government is to protect our rights, including the right to freedom of speech and our right to freedom of the press. The fact that the White House would try to pressure people not exercise their rights is a slippery slope that leads to tyranny. Where did Islamists in other countries right not to be offended trump the right of the people in the USA to free speech and free press? If rioting and violence is the means to suppress speech you don’t like, what happens if say gun nuts promise to riot and murder anybody and any reporter who promotes gun-control, would that be an excuse for the government to pressure Google to remove all anti-gun YouTube video?. It’s called the Heckler’s Veto.

The fact is that Obama would rightly condemn those who used violence and rioting to promote their pro-gun agenda, but won’t condemn Islamists using the same tactic. In fact he is willing, as he has demonstrated, to arrest and bring in for questioning those who exercise their constitutionally protected rights if Islamists half way around the world riot, rape, murder and pillage because they were “offended.” Obviously it isn’t the principle of free speech Obama supports, but some speech he prefers over other speech he doesn’t.

If you vote for Obama, you are saying that you want to elect a person who is willing to use the full force of the presidency to oppress freedom of speech.

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