Tea Party leaders have a seat at the table, The kids table

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By Alex Snitker

Our once great land of freedom has become a wasteland of political favors and greed. The government is not owned by the people anymore.  The people are owned by the government. Every American can feel this shift in the principles of our country.  It has created unrest in the masses, and a call to action in others. There are movements, parties, groups, committees and PACs all searching for answers.  But are they searching for solutions?  That should be the question on all of our minds. It is rare to have an epiphany.  But, sometimes, the words from an unexpected source can enable us to fully define why there is a divide in the actions taken by many, and why we are not on the same side of this divide…and may never be.

One of the biggest problems in this movement is a lack of clear definition. A definition would enable people to fully understand what each side is trying to do.  Many times, the sides are reduced to name calling.  It is only with this clear definition of purpose that we can simply move forward, and allow individuals to choose a side; one that resembles what each of us is willing to do to solve the ever mounting problems we face. In reality this should have been defined from the beginning.

There are two approaches to taking on the systematic breakdown of our founding principles.

One is to go about it the way some leaders in the tea party are doing right now. They have great “calls to action” in which they protest at a politician’s office or event. They make calls, organize, and grow their collective numbers — still dealing only with the politicians that the establishment gives us.  They hold meetings and talk about the problems, and gather numbers who are equally disaffected by the politicians who have destroyed our way of life.

With this approach, you go to a politician’s office and attempt to address your grievances. If you have enough people behind you (or the politician thinks you do) they will even meet with you, giving you a moment of their time.  You leave believing that they heard what you were saying.  In your meetings, they will listen and talk to you about “political reality,” or how the bill they just voted on does not do what you think it does, or how you must compromise to get things done.

You will even hold rallies and invite the politicians that the establishment has given you. Politicians like Marco Rubio, Allen West, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and others will come to your rally.  They tell you what a great job you are doing, and talk about the issues that are important to you. They will talk about the Founders and about out of control spending.  The will tell you that, if you elect them, they will be your voice in Tallahassee, or in Washington, or wherever else you are sending them.

Any Tea Party group would tell you they are changing the conversation in Washington and in Tallahassee.  Indeed, they are.  But, what about changing the government?  Are they making the changes needed to restore our republic?  The talking points have certainly moved to the right, but has that circled into changes in real legislation?

These politicians will still raise the debt ceiling, and give Obama trillions, while telling you that they are working hard to stop this President from stealing from your grandchildren.

These politicians will still vote on legislation that allows Obama to detain Americans without trial, while telling you that Obama will destroy this country if you give him four more years.

The action of the politicians haven’t changed.  In fact, since the onslaught of the Tea Party, we have not only gotten legislation like the NDAA and debt ceiling increases; but also CISPA, bank bailouts, the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, and more out of control spending. They are still spending your grandchildren’s money, but at least you have a new group to which you belong.   You now have a never ending selection of meetings, where a “big name” will come and talk to the “little people.”

They placate you more by giving you a VP choice like Paul Ryan, and telling you that he has a plan to balance the budget.  What you are not truly understanding is that the plan will balance the budget in 30 years while spending what is now your great grandchildren’s money.  The makeup of the House of Representatives will have changed 15 times by then, and each time they will be under no compulsion to keep on that track.

Does this seem like a ridiculous solution to the spending?  It should.  And, when given the chance to balance the budget in a more reasonable amount of time, this same “fiscal conservative” ensured that the vote failed –  despite knowing it would pass in the House.  In fact, this same VP choice voted on most of the legislation that got us into this mess to begin with.  But, because you have heard over and over again he is a “fiscal conservative” you believe it.


At times, you even start to sound like them.  You feel good about yourself because, for the first time in your adult life, you feel important.  You feel powerful and you refuse to allow anyone to take that away from you.  Especially people who were not in the meetings with you.  How dare they tell you what these people are really doing!

These politicians will tell you that you have a voice, and you have a seat at the table.  You feel empowered and important, like you are truly making a difference.  You want so much to believe them.  You somehow convince yourself that you are making changes.  You feel that, little-by-little, you are returning this country what our Founders envisioned.

But here’s what you are unwilling to see:  The table at which you are sitting…is the kids table.  Your politicians are placating you.  They change their voice to one more soothing, and they pat you on the head.  You have become like a child in the room that may throw a tantrum if you don’t hear them say the right words.  The politicians have learned to placate and entice you with a promises they have no intention of keeping.

They will even go as far as to use groups like Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity (AFP) as toys to distract you.  You feel again like you are effecting change.  But,  the leaders of these groups are entangled in the establishment — the same establishment you are fighting against.  Leaders like Matt Kibbe, President of Freedom Works, who said:

“Paul Ryan is one of us. Full disclosure: I have known him and worked with him since I was a fellow budget staffer on Capitol Hill in 1993. I like him; I think he is a good person. Since those early days, I have known Paul to share many of the principles I hold dear. He’s not perfect, for sure, and he has made more than a few votes that we at FreedomWorks have vocally opposed. But in the exclusive world of presidential politics, the ascendency of someone like Paul Ryan clearly represents one of the great measures of our success as a grassroots movement to restore liberty and responsible governance in America.”

How can Ryan be one of us?  His plan doesn’t balance the budget for 30 years.  How can a guy that voted for the Patriot Act, TARP, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind and all of the other big spending, big government policies (which have caused an economic free fall) be one of us?

Despite all his limited government, hostile takeover talk; Matt Kibbe is one of them, not one of us.  He said as much in the quote above.

We have seen AFP at work here in Florida.  They have gone so far as to put tea party leaders directly on the AFP payroll.  This same organization has graded the politicians in Tallahassee.   As far as AFP is concerned, these politicians are doing a great job.

Do you think they are doing a great job?  Are things miraculously better?  When they vote for legislation that AFP does not approve of, the best you can get is a press conference denouncing it.  This move does nothing more then to save a shred of credibility they have.  The people in the movement that are truly aware see right through it.

When the Paul Ryan budget was released, this organization went so far as to endorse it, while knowing that it did not solve the actual problem.


The fact is, you have been made irrelevant and controllable.  You did not even know it.   You have been the next line of defense between real political change that the people demand, and the politicians who refuse to follow the Constitution.  In many ways, you have become the mouthpiece for these politicians who have eviscerated the Constitution, ignored the Bill of Rights, and subjugated the rule of law.

When an individual challenges you and attempts to inform you about the real facts, you tell him that he is “not showing up to work”.  Never mind that these individuals took the time to research the issues and know the truth.  You had a conversation with a politician, and you got invited to the important functions, so, of course, you know better.  This “loon” just doesn’t understand the political process.

What you don’t know is that these politicians are laughing at you.  They know that in reality they control YOU.  They know that you are more than content to sit at the kids table, because deep down you don’t think you can get a better seat than that.  In most ways you belong at the kids table, because you are not wise enough or mature enough to handle the bigger seats.

You really have no political power.  You only have the illusion of power.  You constantly change the definition of victory.  You will claim victory with candidates whom you did not really get victories for.  Candidates like Marco Rubio did not win because of Tea Party support.  He won because the establishment changed the candidate that they backed.  This was no change.  Rubio was a politician who had worked up the political ranks.  He was a part of the system, and had his place at the big table.  They just moved his chair to a different spot at the table and you bought it as change.

West ran before and lost.  He was able to build up his name recognition, and went to tea party groups.  He received national attention by the media, and only won because he got the establishment backing.

Just two years ago, Romney was the poster child for all that is wrong in Washington.  Now you hear Tea Party leaders telling everyone to back this great candidate.  Never mind the fact that there is a candidate in the race who will submit a balanced budget to congress in the first year.  Gary Johnson should be the tea party pick.  But, for some reason, the creator of Romneycare and an individual who will increase federal spending gets the support from the same groups who claim to want politicians who will cut spending and get rid of Obamacare.  Can you see that this is insane?

Now, I know you would like to think I am lying.  But, if you were right, then the other tea party backed candidates in Florida would have also won. This was just not the case, and most of them lost.  But, I am sure you forgot about that.  Maybe you weren’t paying enough attention to the details because you had a false sense of victory.

This year was not much different. The politicians who were in Tallahassee in 2010 are returning in 2012.  Congress remained intact, with one exception here in Florida.  Did the country return to Constitutional principles?   Did these politicians deserve to keep their jobs?  The answer to that is “no.”   The grassroots lost yet again.  This year proves that we are right, and that you are not only wrong, but completely ineffective.

In reality, you just projected your vision onto the candidates who won, regardless of their voting record.  You keep telling yourself “this time they will listen to me,” or “they are changing but it will take time,” or some other incredulous lie.  You lie to yourself so you can still feel that you are making a difference.

The tea party has failed.  They will continue to fail over and over again. It is simple.  They are too lazy — or too scared — to do what is right.  They are the summer soldier or the sunshine patriot.  Take your pick.

There are people who try to tell you that these politicians, in whom you have invested your faith, are no good.  But you accuse the messenger of complaining and refusing to get in the game with you.  “Get on board,” you say.  You call these people names because they refuse to buy in to your delusion, and you can’t understand why.

There is, however, another way.

The road is not easy.  It will not get you invited to talk to the politicians.  It is not going to get you into the establishment clubs.  It will be unpopular.

And that’s how you know that it is the right road, and that it is the only way to restore this country to the Constitutional Republic that our Founders envisioned.

I think of my days as a Marine, when I was told that you are not promised a rose garden, and the right path is full of pain.  It is only by going through this pain that we will have the victory we are looking for.

It starts with the understanding that you are not looking for a seat at the kids table.  You are looking to build your own table and make theirs irrelevant.  It means the removal of the politicians from the table and inserting people that are willing to do what is necessary to get the job done. There is no working with the people now in office.  They have proven that they are not going to do what needs to be done.

It also starts with having the courage to stand against tyranny, and telling these politicians that you will not play their game.  You are there to tear the game down.  It means that you must control the political process.

The good news is that what you need to do is rather simple.  It requires hard work, but when you are done you will have achieved what was once thought impossible.  You will have achieved what the politicians fear.

You should also take note, that what we are proposing is something that empowers the individuals in a way that the leaders in the tea party don’t want you to have.  The establishment fights against you having it, and the politicians are in fear of you figuring it out.  Remember that these so-called leaders have the same perceived power.  These leaders are talking to the politicians, and the politicians have sold them onto that power. It is a corrupting force and many tea party leaders bought into it.  We want you to have REAL political power that you can use.  Tea party leaders and politicians are still giving out scraps at the table, but we want to give you the table.

You must understand what real political power is.  In simple terms it is delivering the votes.  The largest area that an individual can deliver is within their own precinct.  Even in this small of a unit this cannot be done effectively on your own.  There are, however, enough people who believe in the founding principles in each precinct to get the job done.  The even better news is that we don’t need any of the ones at the kids table thinking that they make a difference.  Their political power is imaginary, and they will continue to live in that world because they sold their principle for access, and have become happy to pay the bill.

It is also good that they don’t even see what we are doing.  This is why it is so easy for people like them to dismiss our actions.  They want to think that we took our ball and went home or that we just complain and have no action.  They could not be further from the truth.  We have been putting together all the tools needed to get it done.

For some of us, like myself, it started by running for political office like many of us did in 2010.  We were defeated, for sure, but we learned about the real political process.  The process that will get you elected against the establishment that will always have more money and will be able to manipulate people into defending them. We had to learn how to overcome all of that and win.

Now we know the real solution and during the next two years we will be implementing this plan, and getting the people in this state who actually want REAL political power, the tools needed to win.  The great news is that we have identified the number of people we will need and it is an attainable goal.  In reality we don’t want people from the kids table.  They are useless and we know that they will sell their principles for access. When we have control, they will just try to sell them to us.

We don’t have time for a seat at the kids table.  We are too busy putting the plan in place that will remove the politicians from the table and replacing them with Constitutionalist who are not in this to change the conversation but are in it for a REVOLUTION.

It takes no courage to follow the first path.  These people are simply lap dogs for the establishment.  Courage is saying that we will not sit down, but remove the corruption from politics.  We will not be happy with a conversation with our current elected officials.  We will not rest until they are ALL removed.

We are done playing the game of moving politician’s chairs around the table.  We are flipping the table over on them, and it is high time someone did.  No longer will the greed and corruption have a place in our governance, because the people will truly be in control again.  The time has come for action, and you will either join the solution or sit on the sidelines. Either way matters little to me.

If you read this and want to put your big boy pants on and join us, we are here with the plan.  Read over these links and ask yourself if you have the courage of your convictions to get in the real game to restore this republic.  If not, I am sure there is some tea party group in your county that you can attend to feel like you are making a difference.

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Alexander Snitker is a United States Marine veteran and the first Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate from the State of Florida. Website: http://www.AlexanderSnitker.com E-Mail: Alex@1787Network.com

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