Sandy Forces Free and Equal to Postpone Presidential Debate

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By Brian Cole ~


The Free and Equal Election Foundation’s Final Open-Party Presidential Debate, which had originally been scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 30 October at 9:00 p.m., has been postponed until Monday, 05 November at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. The decision to reschedule the debate was made on Saturday, 27 October, due to the track of Hurricane Sandy. Sandy will impact much of the mid-Atlantic and northeastern parts of the U.S. on Monday and Tuesday.

Same candidates, same conditions, same debate

While the storm did force the Free and Equal Election Foundation to change the date of the debate, everything else remains the same. This event will still feature Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party Libertarian Candidate Jill Stein, which were chosen as the winners of the Open-Party Presidential Debate hosted on Tuesday, 23 October.

The theme of this debate will still center on foreign policy. The 90 minute debate will take place at RT America’s state-of-the-art studio in Washington D.C. The Free and Equal Elections Foundation reported on Friday that the moderator for this debate would be announced on Monday, 29 October. While there have been no statements released relating to the moderator of this final debate, one can assume this announcement will also be postponed until after the threats from Hurricane Sandy have subsided.

At this time, the Free and Equal Elections Commission is still negotiating with networks to ensure this debate will be televised. However, the event can be watched online by clicking here. For further announcements about on this debate, please visit the Free and Equal Election Foundation’s website and the Facebook event page created for this debate.

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