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Note:  The opinions expressed here belong to Alexander Snitker. You are free to agree or disagree. Take this as the voters guide that it was meant to be and make sure to do your homework. They do not represent those of the Libertarian Party of Pasco County, nor the staff, management or advertisers of the 1787 Network.


Before I get to the voters guide, I would like to explain what my thought process was in this guide. It may help you understand the reason for each pick. 

It was difficult for me to make picks because most of the choices are clearly not Libertarian. In many races we do not have good choices. Personally, I believe that you should vote in all of the races. Of course there are exceptions, but in general I want to vote in each race. I also think that getting the incumbents out should play a factor, but not always.

You should always look at each race and choose the best candidate regardless of party affiliation. If we all did that we would be in a much different position than the $16 trillion current debt and a systematic loss of our Constitutionally protected rights.

If you are reading this, live anywhere in Florida  and are a Constitutionally principled individual, please consider running for office in 2014. As you can see, we are at a deficit of principled candidates from ALL parties. We have been to several forums across the Tampa Bay Area and it is clear that the message of liberty at the local area needs more voices. If you are even thinking about it now you will be ready in 2014. If you are interested in running please contact Alex Snitker or Adrian Wyllie


It is also a great time to get involved with Project Vote Count: One thing that we all should be able to agree upon is that we must be able to make sure that our votes are counted accurately. Right now, it is difficult to know how accurate the vote count is because our votes are counted in secret and on computers. As most of you know, there is abundant evidence that these computers have not worked very well in the last several elections. There is also evidence that thousands of votes have not been counted and evidence which may indicate that votes have been stolen.

You can get involved and become a exit poll taker and ensure an honest county. Go to for more information.



PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ~ Gary JohnsonThis race is a no brainer. For me there is not even a question.There is no way that I could vote for Obama. He is worse than Bush on foreign policy. Obama is horrible on civil liberties. He has had more raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in 4 years than George Bush had in 8 years. He has violated the Constitution with his actions in Libya. This Nobel Peace Prize winner has drones in 7 countries. He under-staffs our embassies overseas and has gotten Americans killed. There is no way around the failure of this president.His economic policy is even worse than his foreign policy. He has taken crony capitalism to a whole new and disturbing level. Solyndra is the greatest example that government involvement just does not work when the people picking winners and losers are profiting on it. He has signed legislation that forces the people of this country to purchase a product of a private corporation or be fined by the government. Obama has also signed the NDAA which allows the President to detain Americans without trial. While this is completely unconstitutional, the Republican controlled house passed the bill and gave Obama that power. Unbelievably, Romney is not any better. He supports the NDAA, his best plans for the economy will only slow the increase. This means that Romney will continue to INCREASE federal spending (just not as much as Obama). It is my and many others, who believe that we must STOP the generational theft and balance the budget right now.Romney will not do what is necessary to restore this country. He is a big government Republican and there is no way that I could vote for him.There is also Virgl Goode the Constitution party candidate, Jill Stein the Green Party candidate, as well as others but like I said this one was a no brainer. Gary Johnson is the Libertarian party candidate whom I will be voting for. His record in public and private industry is excellent. He has the track record that beats both Obama and Romney. He is the only candidates in this race that deserves your vote.UNITED STATES SENATOR ~ Connie MackThis was a tough decision. There were many factors to consider before making this decision.Bill Nelson is a complete disaster. It may be bad karma to go against an Astronaut, but in this case there is no other choice. He is a lock step vote for the establishment. He needs to go.

At this point, I looked at the NPA candidates Bill Gaylor and Chris Borgia. I would normally prefer an NPA over a Republican or Democrat.  Bill Gaylor was good on some economic issues but goes over the line when it comes to social issues. Chris Borgia is a good candidate and has many positions I agree with. He is a great person and I truly hope he runs again in the future if he is unsuccessful in this run. He is just not that much different than Connie Mack.

Connie Mack voted against the bailouts and the debt ceiling increases. His plan for a balanced budget is a good start but must be done quicker to prevent us from a currency crisis.

Connie Mack also voted against the renewal of the PATRIOT Act and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA). We need to do better than Mack, but for this race he is enough to vote for.


This race was without a doubt the most difficult one to pick. There is no Libertarian or Constitutionalist in the race. In my opinion there is not one candidate who fully believes in the proper role of government as defined in the Constitution. I have seen all of the candidates in this race and my decision was based on what the candidate could accomplish while up there.

Let me start by saying that there is no way that I could ever vote for Gus Bilirakis. There is not a better example of what is wrong with Washington DC than Gus. He is the picture of an establishment politician from a pseudo political family dynasty and he must be removed from office if we are ever to return to honest leadership.

It is amazing that the Democrats could find someone worse than Gus, but they did.  As Adrian said in the Pinellas voters guide, Jonathan Michael Snow really does make FDR look like a Libertarian. Truer words cold not be spoken. Snow would find his political philosophy would be a much better match in a country like Cuba, North Korea, China or Venezuela.

This leaves John Russell and Paul Elliot.

I like Paul Elliot. He seems like a guy who has had enough of the spending and decided to get in this race to do something about it. I have seen him at the forums and his signs are in abundance around the Congressional District. He is trying to run a very well organized campaign. I disagree with him in regards to healthcare and his not wanting to fully repeal Obamacare. Paul says he does want to reform it but doesn’t give a clear answer on what the reform would be. He has talked about balancing the budget and has made that a staple of his campaign. I believe that we wants to see this happen. I don’t really have an issue with Paul. If you went with him you would not get an argument out of me but this is not who I am voting for.

Finally we have John Russell.

When it comes to tax policy we completely disagree. When it comes to his solution on healthcare we disagree. When it comes to social security we again disagree. I also do not agree with him on states rights as defined in 10th Amendment and Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.

So you must be wondering: What on earth do you agree with him on?

John is anti-war, anti-fed, anti-corporatist, pro legalization, pro 2nd amendment. I believe that he will go to Washington and call out all the crooks and do what he can to expose these criminals in DC and Wall Street who have defrauded the American people.

John has also been outspoken about how the votes are counted and would like a return to open and transparent voting. We need someone who will go to Washington and expose the corruption without a care of the personal retaliation that is sure to come his way.



In case you did not know, the Democrat in this race has dropped out. This leaves Wilton Simpson as the winner. This race is another example of why we need more principled candidates from ALL parties to run for office. The good news is, this seat will be up for election again in 2014. We can’t make the same mistake.



This race has Mike Fasano up against Joseph Antimo Verola who is an NPA write in candidate. If you read over Joseph’s website you will see that he actually claims to be a Democrat. It looks to me like Joseph was just playing games with the political process to close out the Republican primary. While it did work, Fasano won just like he will win in November. I am no fan of Fasano but we will have to wait until 2014 to defeat him.



Paula O’Neil is up against Roberta Cutting.  Paula is the current Clerk of the Court and has done a good job while in office. She is a professional in the position and has a plan to finish the conversion of records to digital. I strongly recommend Paula O’Neil for the job.



This race has Mike Wells, our current Property Appraiser, against Allison Newlon.

Allison has pledged to show up and work for the entire 8 hour work day. At this point and considering Mike Wells is spending his days at home instead of work, we should just let him stay there.  Allison is worthy of your vote. Mike is worthy of a pink slip.



This race has Christopher Nocco against Kim Bogart. Nocco is only the incumbent in this race because he was appointed to the position. The reason he was appointed was because he made political connections while working for the Rubio campaign. It doesn’t hurt that his wife is a GOP fundraiser. Nocco does not have the experience needed for the job. Nocco has been using the police department as his personal PR firm and is only interested in politics and not his job as the county Sheriff. Nocco is also turning the Sheriff’s office into a para-military organization at an alarming rate, instead of the local law enforcement that it is supposed to be. Nocco will do whatever his handlers in Tallahassee tell him to so there is no reason to vote for Nocco in this race.

Kim Bogart understands the role of Sheriff and will do what is needed to restore the Sheriff’s office to one that respects individual rights. Bogart has the experience needed to lead the Pasco County Sheriff’s office. I support Kim Bogart for the position.



This race has Kurt Browning against Kat Lambert, a write in candidate. Kurt has been in politics too long to try to claim that he is going to make any changes. Our current system is a reflection of him.

No need to vote in this race. There is not one worthy of your support.



This race has Mike Olsen against Ed Blommel. Due to a conflict of interest I will remain impartial in this race.



This race has Karyn Starkey against Matt Murphy. Karyn Starkey is running on a family name and is one of the moneyed interest in this county. She is a problem and should not hold elected office. There is no way that she will be impartial with her friends who will be doing business with the county and will introduce a whole new type of cronyism to Pasco.

Matt Murphy is a solid candidate with good ideas. He will be a great county commissioner and well worth your support.



This race has Frank Grey against Tom Hanlon. Both men seem to be upstanding citizens and could be worthy of your support. Take your pick in this one.



In this race your vote should go to Shanon Holm. He has pledged to reduce the 10.6 million dollar budget that the board currently has. This one is another no brainer.


In this race your vote should go to Gary “Buck” Joiner. He is the only one out there running a serious campaign.



A penny for Pasco is a one cent addition on the sales tax. Your vote will renew it until the year 2024. This additional tax is not needed and hurts the lower and middle class the most. It also can cause people to go to other counties to purchase larger ticket items. This tax should go away.



 Not one of them deserves to retain their post.



Health Care Services

SUMMARY:  This amendment would permit the state to pull out of the federal health care program, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It would specifically prohibit laws forcing individuals or employers to buy or provide health care coverage. Some believe if this amendment passes, it could conflict with federal law and be found unconstitutional.

This is an obvious 10th Amendment issue, and the state should have the full authority to nullify any Congressional act not authorized by Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.  This nullifies Obamacare, and would keep Romneycare at bay as well.


Veterans Disabled Due To Combat Injury; Homestead Property Tax Discount 

SUMMARY: This amendment would expand a special homestead property exemption to include combat disabled veterans who were not Florida residents when they entered the military. The discount would be based on a percentage equal to that of the veteran’s permanent, service-related disability.

Anything that lowers taxes is a good thing. We should eliminate property taxes all together but if we want to eliminate them piecemeal that is fine too.

State Government Revenue Limitation

SUMMARY:  This amendment replaces the existing state revenue limitation, which is based on Florida personal income growth, and replaces it with a new revenue limitation. That cap would be based on inflation and population changes. Revenues collected in excess of the limitation would be deposited into the budget stabilization fund. Once that fund reached its maximum balance, the revenue could be used to support and maintain public schools.

This waters down the existing state revenue increase limitations, and gives the state legislature more authority to bend and break their own rules.  It gives them a green light to dramatically increase spending by making their baseline based on government spending, as opposed to private sector growth as it is now.


Property Tax Limitations; Property Value Decline; Reduction For Nonhomestead Assessment Increases; Delay Of Scheduled Repeal

SUMMARY:  This amendment would prevent increases in the assessed value of homestead properties and some non-homestead properties when the market values for those properties decrease. It also would reduce the annual growth assessment cap on non-homestead properties from 10% to 5%. In addition, it would provide first-time homesteaders with an additional exemption equal to 50% of the home’s market value. However, that exemption would drop to zero after five years.

While this amendment is not perfect by any means, it will have the effect of reducing real property taxes, or at least slow the rate of tax increase, for most residential and commercial property owners in Florida.



State Courts

SUMMARY:  This amendment would require Supreme Court justices appointed by the governor to also be confirmed by the Senate before taking office. It would allow the Legislature to repeal a court rule with a simple majority instead of the two-thirds majority in place now. And the amendment would allow the state House of Representatives to review Judicial Qualifications Commission files whether or not they were related to an impeachment.

There is a very good reason for requiring a 2/3 majority to overrule the Florida Supreme Court.  Eliminating that provision would mean that any legislation passed by a majority of both houses of the state legislature would effectively become immune to court oversight.   This amendment decimates the courts as a check and balance to the other two branches of state government.



Prohibition On Public Funding Of Abortions; Construction Of Abortion Rights

SUMMARY:  This amendment would block the use of public funds for any abortion or for health benefits that cover abortions. It would mirror federal law, which prevents federal spending for most abortions. However, this amendment would not apply to expenditures required by federal law for cases in which a woman has a physical disorder, injury or illness that would place her in danger of death unless she has an abortion, or cases of rape or incest.

Regardless of your position on abortion, I think that most people will agree that our tax dollars should not be used toward that end.


AMENDMENT 7:  Religious Freedom – Removed from ballot



Religious Freedom

SUMMARY:  This amendment would overturn a part of the state Constitution that blocks taxpayer funds from being spent on religious institutions, including any churches, sects and religious denominations. The new language, replacing a provision in the Constitution going back more than 125 years, says an individual or entity may not be denied funding, benefits or support based on religious identity or belief.

Well, the title of this amendment, “Religious Freedom” sounds good.  But in reality it should be titled “Religious Restrictions and Taxpayer Subsidies.”  By allowing the state to fund religious institutions, we open a Pandora’s Box of unintended consequences and litigation.  Though I firmly believe that faith-based charities and organizations provide a valuable benefit to Florida and the Nation, I also strongly reject those same organizations being funded with tax dollars.

If the State of Florida wants to ensure that churches, synagogues, mosques and other faith-based charities are well funded, perhaps they should cut taxes so that the people of Florida would have more disposable income to donate to the faith of their choice.



Homestead Property Tax Exemption For Surviving Spouse Of Military Veteran Or First Responder

SUMMARY:  This amendment would give a homestead property tax exemption to the surviving spouse of a military veteran or first responder killed in the line of duty. The provision would authorize the Legislature to totally or partially exempt a surviving spouse’s homestead property from being taxed.

Anything that lowers taxes is a good thing. We should eliminate property taxes all together but if we want to eliminate them piecemeal that is fine too.



Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption

SUMMARY:  This amendment applies to businesses and would allow for an enhancement of the tangible personal property tax exemption. The exemption would apply to property, such as equipment or furniture, with an assessed value that runs up to $50,000. Currently, the first $25,000 of assessed value of tangible personal property is exempt from ad valorem taxes levied by counties, cities, school districts and other local governments.

While ad valorem taxes should be completely eliminated, increasing the exemption from $25,000 to $50,000 is at least a step in the right direction.  The exemption increase will help many Florida small business owners.  Since ad valorem taxes apply to all business who have tangible property, raising the cap does not single out any specific group of business owners.  It applies equally to all.



Additional Homestead Exemption; Low-Income Seniors Who Maintain Long-Term Residency On Property; Equal To Assessed Value

SUMMARY: This amendment would authorize the Legislature to let counties and municipalities grant an additional homestead tax exemption for low-income seniors. The exemption would be equal to the assessed value of a homestead property, if: its market value is less than $250,000; the owner has maintained permanent residence there for at least 25 years; the owner is at least 65; and the owner has a low household income under law.

Anything that lowers taxes is a good thing. We should eliminate property taxes all together but if we want to eliminate them piecemeal that is fine too.



Appointment Of Student Body President To Board Of Governors Of The State University System

SUMMARY:  This amendment would create a new council made up of student body presidents from the State University System. The council’s chairperson would replace the current Florida Student Association representative on the state university system’s 17-member Board of Governors.

Do you really think that increasing bureaucracy will improve our state college system?  Do we really need another council, committee, board, or department involved in education?  And, even if you believe that this is necessary, does this sort of thing really belong in our Constitution?


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