Benghazi – Why “They” Hate the Internet and the 1st Amendment

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Try as they might the facts concerning Benghazi and the death of our people there are coming to light. “They” being the government, specifically the Obama Administration with note that Romney isn’t making an issue so must be on board with government controlled media, desperately wish that they could control all the media. The damnable free press and individuals not working through corporate media whom the government has nominal control, are exposing what the government doesn’t want exposed.

The details of what was a large-scale coordinated attack on the CIA annex and US Diplomatic compound in Benghazi are leaking out. It looks like the Navy SEALs valiantly fought to the last man, taking a large number of attackers with them. The rumor is that the two ex-SEALs accounted for even more jihadists than the brave snipers of Mogadishu. If these reports are substantiated, then we should be noting that the Battle of Benghazi belongs in the annals of military history alongside Bastogne. The difference is that at Bastogne we got there while we could and saved the 101st Airborne, and at Benghazi, we knowingly allowed our people to die, when we had time to save them.

Military support was requested three times in the 4 hour battle, our people at Benghazi were repeatedly denied salvation. Two Special Ops teams and an entire airbase full of jets and helicopters were only two hours away. Two surveillance drones that were patrolling the area and provided live information that was available to the White House. The truth is our government did not protect our embassy when it could have.

We do not yet have all the information on the Battle of Benghazi , but what we do have contradicts the Obama administration’s initial attempts to blame an immigrant Egyptian filmmaker for nonexistent protests that, being nonexistent, quite clearly had absolutely nothing to do with the Libyan attacks on the two American compounds. Obama hasn’t even begun to explain the military’s failure to respond. Obama continues to evade and refuse to address the issue. Worse Nakoula Basseley Nakoula the maker of the film blamed for the event, is still in federal custody, obviously the first amendment is not honored by Obama. The Military has offered up sacrificial lambs of both a Navy admiral and Army general. The entire affair reeks of a frantic White House cover up. If Obama is Commander and Chief he is responsible.

The amount of provable lies put forth by the White House precludes rational belief that Obama is blameless in this debacle. What we need is a very public congressional investigation of the Battle of Benghazi, now, not even next week after the elections, but NOW. Both the Republicans and Democrats are colluding to keep this quit. My guess is that they do not want the American Public knowing the truth, are hugly upset at the leaks and not being able to control the information the public sees.

Anything less than a full immediate inquiry supported by Obama points to one thing; Obama is complicit in the death of US ambassador, and former Navy Seals that he could have prevented, but choose for political reasons to abandon US citizens whom he could have saved. This should be no surprise from a president who acts as judge, jury, and executioner ordering the death of US Citizens without due process.

The internet and a free press not the main stream press are dramatically changing the US and the world. From the official line on Global Warming compared to the reality, to the truth of the Battle of Benghazi compared to the official reports; the government is being exposed as manipulative liars over and over. Matt Drudge, Wiki-Leaks, and tens of thousands of bloggers, camera phones and Youtube, “They” no longer control the news, the truth is finding the people. No longer do “We The People” trust the NYTimes and the alphabet networks, unadulterated real news is exposing the media-government complex as a lie.

You will note the Battle of Benghazi is not large in the main stream press. But as the truth of the event unfolds it will be clear that our government is not to be trusted, is lying, and will do all it can to cover up the fact that the failure of our government to save US citizens in Libya was not a failure, but a purposeful position. It will also serve to illustrate and prove that the main stream press is no longer the free watch dog of government but a tool wholly owned and controlled by the same corporate elitists who own and control our “elected” leaders.

Hillary Clinton is infamous for her remark that we have too much freedom and that their needs to be a “gatekeeper” controlling the news. Soon it will be a crime in the USA to post video, news, facts, on things like the Battle of Benghazi without government approval. “They” cannot much tolerate a truly free press. It is plain that the official line of the GOP is no better, otherwise the Battle of Benghazi would be part of every campaign speech, and the GOP controlled congress would already be in the middle of a major investigation. The two major parties are colluding to control the news, your job is to ask why?

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