Heritage- and Mr. Romney- Get it Wrong Again

Posted by Alexander Snitker October 18, 2012 Comments are off 235 views

By: Paul Henry


There is a saying that if you keep telling the same lie long enough, it is accepted as the truth. Such is the case with REAL ID and the Heritage Foundation, which has the gall to masquerade as a “conservative” organization. In July 2011, I wrote about Heritage and their love for REAL ID. Yesterday, on their blog site, a post was written called Debate 2012: Illegal Immigration and Driver’s Licenses. I replied to it, but I see my comment was held for review. In the unlikely event it is published there, you could read it, but I’ve learned these pro-REAL ID and big-government places tend to reject fact-based opposing arguments, so I saved the comment and will post it here below.

The post tells us how Mr. Romney can easily give us a national ID card- he need have no new law, as one already exists: REAL ID. Of course, the post was aimed at reducing illegal immigration, not terrorism as the REAL ID law was supposed to do. I suppose it is worth a shot, seeing as how REAL ID would have failed or has failed to prevent one terror plot according to Heritage’s own report of 39 failed terror plots since 9/11/01.

Heritage, which disguises itself as a “conservative” and pro-Constitution organization while duping thousands of people out of their money, steamrolls the 10th Amendment in its praise for federal driver license laws being imposed upon the states.

The problem is, REAL ID will fail at reducing illegal immigrants from getting a license just as it will terrorists, as the same problems exist in the process. Of course, it does not matter what the end goal is this time, as everyday Americans are still being punished for the ineptitude of the federal government in preventing 9/11. If you doubt this, please read this lengthy document, which was put out by the same 9/11 Commission people that said we needed REAL ID. It shows in great detail how the attackers got into the country due to border agents making mistake after mistake. We had sufficient law and procedure in place- but it was not followed.

Some of my friends tell me that a vote for anyone but Mr. Romney is a vote for Mr. Obama. I can’t see it that way, instead, I see a vote for Mr. Romney OR Mr. Obama as a vote against liberty. Both Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party and Libertarian Gary Johnson offer far better platforms for liberty.


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