Naples Daily News Blocking Freedom of Speech

Posted by Alexander Snitker October 26, 2012 Comments are off 287 views

Peter D. Richter, Candidate for Florida State Rep. District #106 (Naples/Marco) stands up for free speech, slams NDN

blackout of opponents pro-choice record

October 26, 2012

Naples, FL – Peter D. Richter is taking a stand for liberty so that our children do not have to bow in slavery.  Richter has been fighting a media blackout of his campaign as well as letters of support from the community that the Naples Daily News (“NDN”) has refused to publish. In the past 25 days, the NDN has published 14 favorable articles or letters about my opponent while only publishing 2 letters from my supporters and rejecting at least 5 others.

“Every day my campaign office and I receive calls from our supporters asking, ‘Why is the NDN refusing to publish my letter to the editor?’ After looking into the issue we have figured out why. What did all the rejected letters have in common? The NDN and specifically Editor Jeff Lytle are doing everything they can to prevent the public from knowing about the pro-choice voting record of my opponent,” stated Richter

Richter continued, “There’s a common thread with my opponent and the NDN. It’s fear. My opponent is terrified that her record is being exposed, she’s refused to debate, and the NDN is doing everything they can to protect a favored politician. This demonstrates precisely what is wrong with politicians. I’m not a politician. I won’t be afraid to tackle the tough issues when I’m elected.  Here are the facts: Kathleen Passidomo voted against HB277, a bill that would have granted an infant born alive during a botched abortion the same rights as any other baby, it would have banned partial birth abortions after viability of the fetus and required 3 hours of ethics training for abortion doctors as well as required a 24 hour waiting period, informing mother of potential risks and the estimated age of the fetus. She also voted against HB1127, a bill that would have required the physician performing an abortion to offer the pregnant woman an opportunity to view the live ultrasound images and hear an explanation of those images. The woman was not required to view the ultrasound and could opt-out.”

“I contacted the NDN and Jeff Lytle with my concerns and I was told that they needed to “research” the issue before they would publish any letters that dealt with my opponent’s pro-choice voting record. I even sent the NDN copies of the legislation that my opponent voted against and I highlighted all the portions that my supporters were concerned with. I created a website ( as well with all the same information for the voters of my district that my opponent and the NDN don’t want you to know about. Still, the NDN is silent. If you want a representative that won’t be silent in the face of oppression, that will protect liberty AND life then vote for me on November 6th, 2012!” said Richter.

Peter D. Richter is a Libertarian candidate for Florida State Representative, District #106. Peter, his wife and two children are full time residents of Naples. In addition to his run for office, he is also the owner of an Information Technology consulting business.

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