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By Alex Snitker

In 1776 our founders assembled and created a country based on human freedom. They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, and some lost all to accomplish what has become known as the “shinning beacon on a hill.” A place where huddled masses could come and be free. They created the American dream, and over the course of our history it has been squandered away piece by piece. This week we have a chance and an obligation to restore that dream. It starts here in Florida and it starts with YOU.

We have one week left to make history in Florida and stop the tyrannical reign the two party duopoly has had on our home. We have three candidates whose wins will not only make history, but will send a message to the rest of our country that the Revolution continues and will be won. They will put a permanent hole in the armor of the establishment and release the stronghold Republicans and Democrats have had over the lives of the citizens of this state. We have three campaigns that can win on Tuesday November 6th. If even one of these campaigns win it will be a victory for liberty. If all three win, it will change the course of history for every citizen of this state and start the restoration of our Constitution throughout the country. It will bring peace to a people that is tired of the tyranny brought to us by the Democrats and Republicans. 

These campaigns need your help to ensure a victory. They need YOU to get personally involved TODAY. 

Peter Richter

Peter Richter is a Libertarian candidate running for Florida State House, District 106 in Southwest Florida. He is running against Kathleen Passidomo. This woman is the definition of everything wrong with politics. She has vowed to push forward the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act just like she has tried to accomplish in the past two sessions. This woman must be defeated or Floridians will not have the legal protections afforded them by our judicial system because Passidomo has worked her entire political career to give the bankers this control. 

Peter Richter has put in $50,000 of his own money into this campaign and what the Richter team has done is nothing short of miraculous. They have done everything a professional campaign should do. Our indications are that this race is currently anyone’s to win. Richter’s campaign is the most historic campaign in the State of Florida and his victory will pave the way for hundreds of Libertarians to run for State House and State Senate in 2014 and beyond. Richter will be the voice in Tallahassee that will work to nullify ObamaCare, introduce competing currencies and ensure your civil liberties have representation in Tallahassee. It is clear that right now there is none.

We need to get Richter over the top to eliminate one of the biggest banker controlled candidates in the state.
(941) 404-6384

Bernie Decastro

Bernie Decastro is a Constitution Party candidate running for sheriff in Marion County. He has been endorsed by Sheriff Richard Mack, G. Edward Griffin and many other well respected individuals in the law enforcement community. The sheriff is one of the most important offices within our local governments. This position, above all others, needs a strong Constitutionally principled person. Bernie is that man. He will ensure the federal government is stopped at the Marion County line. He will protect the rights of the citizens first. Bernie understands the importance of the office he will hold, and will never give up his principles. His opponent Chris Blair has already admitted that he will have no problem enforcing unconstitutional orders, endangering the civil liberties of the people he has sworn to protect. 

Bernie is the only candidate for sheriff who is willing to give his sacred word that he will absolutely resist tyranny from the Federal Government and thereby preserve the liberty of the citizens of Marion County as well as maintain their public safety. He is the only candidate in this race that is an Oath Keeper. His victory will not only effect the people of Marion County but will cause an upswing in Constitutional sheriff candidates in 2014.
(352) 840-9606

Calen Fretts

Calen Fretts is running against Jeff Miller for the US House of Representatives, District 1. Calen Fretts may be polling in the 30% range in a three man race. Having a Libertarian in the US House of Representatives would change the face of national politics forever. It will also ensure that more Libertarians will follow his lead in the next election cycle around the country. 

Congressman Jeff Miller is the epitome of an establishment RINO. He voted for, and supports the detaining of American citizens in clear violation of the Constitution. He has voted to add $5 trillion to our national debt, stealing it from your children and grandchildren like a thief in the night. It is representatives like Jeff Miller, that are the reason we are in the financial crisis that we are in today. 

Calen understands the importance of government restraint. He will not compromise your rights and will work tirelessly against the corporatism and socialism that has taken hold in Washington DC. He will release the chains that the government has placed on the people. Calen Fretts is who we need to be our voice in the corrupt system that has taken over our national capitol. Jeff Miller MUST be removed. Calen Fretts has him in his sites but he needs your help this week.
(850) 217-6590

Here is what I want you to do. 

1. Contact each of these campaigns and make 100 phone calls for each of them. You can do this from your home.

2. Contact everyone that you know in their voting district and tell them to vote for these liberty candidates. 

3. Donate to these campaigns TODAY and give these candidates the funds needed to get their message out to the public.

We have never been closer to causing irreparable damage to the duopoly here in Florida. Many years from now, you will be able to look back at the last week of the 2012 election cycle and say that this election marked the turning point and the eventual destruction of the two party machine and the political establishment. That this marked the beginning of the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. We need you. We need all of you. And we need you right now. Contact all three of these campaigns today. 

This is the week we show our state… our country….the world that we refuse tyranny. This week we stand up and be counted. This week we restore what generations of failed policies and greed have taken from us. This week we make history and we restore freedom. This week we become the heroes future generations need us to be!!!

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