People Allowed to Change Their Mind When Presented With New Information

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People Allowed to Change Their Mind When Presented With New Information.

By Dana Moxley Cummings

I am all for loyalty. For me, loyalty comes in second to honesty on my list of characteristics I appreciate in others. In politics, I have watched many people vote against common sense and logic in the name of what they considered “loyalty”.  However, I often question these people as to who it is they are being loyal to? Are they trying to be loyal to their respective political party, or perhaps a candidate? Or, are these people just so proud, that they are stubborn enough to continue to champion a cause, which will leave us as a society, traveling in the same direction regardless of the road we choose to travel on or the vehicle we select to take us there?

I get it. I’ve been a political activist for most of my life. I have rallied behind many candidates dedicating my valuable time to further their political careers. On the top of the “did I really do that?” list, would be our current president, Barak Obama. I’ll be the first to say, “blame me, I voted for Obama”, but it’s worse, because I persuaded countless others to do the same. Was it easy to denounce my support for President Obama after only a year of watching him in office? Not at all! I felt as if my credibility would be damaged, and friends would be lost right along with my pride. No one takes pleasure in admitting the mistakes they have made. Yet, I had to be honest. I wondered if the truth would set me free, and I’m here to say that it did.

Our loyalty should first and foremost lie with ourselves. Our natural instincts as mammals at the top of the food chain, would lead me to believe that self-preservation is something our species has held in high regard for quite some time. Humans are also social in nature; this is why we hesitate when it comes to saying things that we know will distance us from our community. Thanks to congressman Ron Paul, for setting a stellar example by going against the grain of congress, absent of regard to his social acceptance. Dr. Paul’s revolution unchained many rebels of the establishment who still sought social acceptance. Ron Paul led the way and we followed much like, dare I say, sheep?

Sometime after World War II, we were given the impression that we could afford to relax and get comfortable. Well, it looks like we were wrong, and our day of reckoning has come. Survival is a 24/7 job and we have not been showing up to work. I know, I know…It’s been fun being told we could take all of this time off of preserving our liberties while our government “picks up our shifts”, but now it’s been shown that they have not been serving us. It has not been in the interest of the people that they have been working to protect, in all actuality, they haven’t been working at all. Those in government we gave our shifts too, were tired of working as well, so they decided to give those shifts over to corporations. In return, these special interest groups have financially  “taken care of” these government officials well enough to keep them comfortably distracted. Then there are us, the electorate. The government has worked extremely hard to reward and distract us the same, but as the gap between the extremely poor and extremely rich grew, their ability to distract us all by “taking care of us” has diminished. The special interest groups gobbled up our nations wealth and spent it in foreign lands never to be seen again by our government or it’s people.

Now here, we find ourselves, with the truth exposed.  For some, such as myself, finding out and truly understanding this news, had an immediate impact and I shifted my way of thinking overnight. I redirected my actions and I continued on the same mission I have always been on, the mission of restoring power to the people. In 2008, I was under the impression that our new president had the same mission. I was wrong. Ron Paul quickly reminded me that it is not the President’s job to empower us; it’s his job to make sure nothing stands in our way. Through advocating for Ron Paul, I learned that all of my worst fears about our government were indeed true and I continued to spread the truth without regard to the reactions of my friends who were party loyalist to either party. The democrat loyalists felt I betrayed them and the republican loyalists cheered, as they both assumed I had become an advocate for the Republican Party. As I watched the popularity of Ron Paul scare the establishment into cheating him out of his rightful nomination, I never stopped seeking and spreading the truth.

The number of Paulites that continue on, fighting for the cause of liberty, is astounding and reassuring. I have never been a member of any political party, yet I have always denounced the two-party system for the very reasons that have shut Ron Paul out of the chance to be our next president. Yes, I said it. Ron Paul will not be the next president of the United States. I will not be writing Ron Paul’s name in on the ballot. I think it’s high time for my fellow Paulites to come to the same realization, stay united, and vote for Libertarian candidate, Gov. Gary Johnson. Our mission is to dethrone the establishment. The reason they feared us so much is because we were united and with unity comes power. A vote for Gary Johnson, a valid third party candidate, is the best way to show them that the revolution is still here. The establishment should still be afraid.

If we have learned anything from Ron Paul’s quest for the presidency, we have learned that we need to stay awake. We do not have time to “take a break” and the rewards our government may try to offer us in exchange for our inactivity are non-existent. Our government is broke, their rules promote tyranny, and being a “sheep” is unacceptable. Remaining loyal to Ron Paul does not mean that we must put his name on a ballot that will not accept him as an option. Ron Paul, is more than a noun, he is a philosophy. Being a Paulite does not mean we must stay loyal to the man himself. We will not be sheep. Not to the establishment, not to a political party and not to Ron Paul. If anything, we herd the sheep towards the assignment of liberty and use Ron Paul as an example of how it’s done. We realize that liberty does not trickle down from the top. Liberty is the foundation, and ours is crumbling. Our job is to rebuild and maintain our foundation. This is the very reason we wished for Ron Paul to occupy the White House. We wanted the federal government to recognize states rights, which means that even a President Paul would have left the maintenance of liberty to us.

It remains imperative, always, to stay involved and continue the fight for liberty at our local and state levels. It remains a necessity that we keep ourselves educated, informed, and open to receiving news of the truth regardless of how hard we want to hear something else. It remains true, that we can’t compromise ourselves, and our desire to be sovereign of government imposition. Don’t be afraid to move onward from something when the truth suggests doing so. Freedom of thought and speech also requires maintenance, so exercise it often and do so without reservation. Be set free!

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