Peter D. Richter loans $50,000 into his campaign for D106

Posted by Alexander Snitker October 1, 2012 Comments are off 435 views

Peter D. Richter, Candidate for Florida State Rep. District #106 (Naples/Marco) is “in it, to win it,” loans $50,000 into his campaign for D106

October 1, 2012

Naples, FL – Peter D. Richter is taking a stand for liberty so that our children do not have to bow in slavery.  Candidate Peter D. Richter recently released a $50,000.00 loan into his campaign account as his battle for the District 106 seat continues to heat up. Emboldened by increased fundraising numbers from citizens in Collier County as well as a recent influx of new volunteers, web hits, and successful outreach efforts, Richter decided that now was the time to turn up the heat.

“The voters of Collier County desire a choice in District 106. I have fought from the moment I decided to throw my hat in the ring in order to provide my fellow citizens with a true fiscally conservative message as well as a message of respect for the Constitution and our civil liberties. While our fundraising doesn’t match the astronomical figures of my opponent who receives major donations from big corporations, my campaign has seen a surge of donations from individuals who want their liberties protected and their government shrunken. We have dozens and dozens of committed volunteers working extremely hard for my campaign so with their efforts as well as the ramping up of support  both financially and otherwise, I’ve decided to try and match their commitment by loaning $50,000.00 to my campaign,” stated Richter.

Richter continued, “We are in it to win it and we won’t stop until every last vote is counted on November 6th.  As many of you have seen or heard, we have signs going up all over Collier County, multiple radio ads playing daily, we go to every meeting and social gathering we can so I can talk to voters about what I’d do differently than my opponent. When your opponent refuses to debate because she’s terrified of her record being exposed you know you’re running a solid campaign.  I couldn’t be happier with how things are turning out as we enter the homestretch!”

“If my opponent is too afraid to stand up and defend her record in an honest, non-partisan debate, how can the voters of District 106 trust her to stand up for their liberties and best interests in Tallahassee? My campaign is now flush with available cash and I’m going to continue highlighting the terrible record of my opponent as a pro-abortion, big spending, crony. If she won’t talk about her record then I will. I will fight for this race and I’m going to fight for District 106 when I’m elected on November 6th!”

Peter D. Richter is a Libertarian candidate for Florida State Representative, District #106. Peter, his wife and two children are full time residents of Naples. In addition to his run for office, he is also the owner of an Information Technology consulting business.

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