Republican Lies – Fiscal Cliff

Posted by Alexander Snitker October 30, 2012 Comments are off 361 views

By Tom Rhodes, 10/30/2012

Not loud but there is significant and increasing talk about the upcoming Fiscal Cliff.  Don’t buy it the United States WILL NOT DEFAULT if the debt ceiling is not raised.  If you look at the numbers in 2012 the US spent $242 Billion to service the Federal Debt.  Total revenue was $2469 Billion, so it took 10% of our government income to pay the interest on total debt, not unreasonable.

That means default is merely a scare tactic.  The fact is even after servicing the debt we have $2.2Trillion to spend. In inflation adjusted dollars that’s more than we spent in 2003 at the height of the Gulf War.  It’s not like that isn’t more than enough money.  If the Republicans can’t run this country on $2.2Trillion, then they need to find another job.  Any Republican telling you we must raise the debt ceiling or the U.S. will go into default is a liar.  Of course any elected politician, Democrat or Republican is pretty much a professional liar so that may be redundant. The clear fact is that the Republicans control the House, all spending bills must originate in the House, this is a Republican problem.

We cannot even consider discussing the actions of the Democrats, they have given the country no rationale whatsoever that they will ever consider or take a budget, much less a balanced budget seriously.  If the GOP don’t take the debt seriously, with resolve, and do what the TEA Party and working America is asking them it will never happen.  They can’t blame the Democrats, they have the power, the Senate and Democrats cannot spend a dime without the Republican consent.  The duty to stop the insane spending in Washington is on the GOP.

$2.2 Trillion a year is enough money to keep Social Security, Medi-whatever, and entitlements for the truly needy going for a long time, and pay off our debt, and have a solid Military. We cannot keep spending like drunken sailors, giving billions to solar companies that waste it on high salaries, and go bankrupt.  We must have less not more government; the Republicans have to power to make that happen; period.    They are just liars trying to convince you that they are the fiscally responsible party, when they are the Buffalo to the Democrat’s Indian; two sides of the same coin.  Don’t believe the lie the GOP is about to present about the US defaulting or not paying Social Security etc. it’s just that a big government statist lie.


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