Dana Moxley-Cummings Declares Candidacy for Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida

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My name is Dana Cummings and I am running for Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. I’d like to take a few moments to tell you a little bit about my background, my vision for the Libertarian Party of Florida and my plans on how to get us there.

I was born and raised in Hollywood, FL in Broward County. Attended Florida State University, where I graduated with a B.S. in Political Science & Sociology. During my time in Tallahassee not only did I gain an extensive inside view of how the “establishment works”, I also met my husband, Tallahassee native, Ryan Cummings and in 2010 we welcomed our daughter, Kaydence in to our family. We relocated a year later to Hillsborough County and we have been residing in Valrico ever since.

My interest in the political system began at very early age. As the daughter of parents who were always involved in local politics, I have been knocking on doors and waving signs before I can remember, teaching me at young age some very important lessons that I still remind myself of daily: If you be yourself, say what you think, and admit when your wrong,…regardless of who gets the most votes, you win. If you pretend to be be someone your not, aren’t sure what to say, and are can’t admit your mistakes….regardless of who gets the most votes, we ALL lose.

Following family tradition I registered to vote as an NPA and before long I became very passionate regarding my NPA status. I worked on grass-roots campaigns locally and statewide for Republicans and Democrats alike. Despite my experience in politics, and my formal education in regards to our government, it wasn’t until recently that I finally learned what the Libertarian Party’s philosophy was. Skeptical, I decided I would become active within the Libertarian Party of Florida expecting to find something a little better than I had always found within the two main parties. I not only found something better, I found where I belong and now I am more proud to have the words “Libertarian Party of Florida” on my voter’s registration, than I ever was to have the letters, NPA.

I dove head first into activism for the Libertarian Party of Florida. I began writing articles, joining committees, and making regular appearances on the Liberty Underground Show. Today I volunteer on two LPF Committees, The Legislative Review Committee and The Rules Committee and I serve as the Chairperson for both. The glimpse of the LPF I get as serving as Chair of these committees is encouraging and promising for the future of our party and it has provided me with the confidence that as long as we continue to keep evolving, keep ourselves in touch with people, we, as the Libertarian Party of Florida, can and will take back our government.

As your Chair, my main goal for us as a party will be to get Libertarians ELECTED. Each and every elected public official in this state was voted into that position and each and every one of them can, and will be replaced. Its up to us to replace them with Libertarians. As the third largest political party in Florida and by far the fastest growing, the goal of placing our candidates in office is not only possible, but inventible if we stay committed and stay the course.

Below are five of the main issues I would like us all to focus on should you elect me as LPF Chair:

 - Full Affiliation

With the leadership of our Regional Representatives, we can and we will do all things possible to establish an affiliate in each county in Florida. This may seem like an impossible task to some, but I believe the Libertarian Party of Florida platform is one that transcends gender, race, religion, and socio-ecominc status. With the proper training and involvement of our Region Representatives there should be no excuse to not find the common Libertarian thread that joins us all together as human beings. Everyone has an issue, and with the self-destruction of the Republicans and Democrats, we stand in a great position to offer the solution to their issue. Once we reach full affiliation our party’s message of nonaggression, liberty for all, and less government regulation will be heard loud and clear throughout the State of Florida. Now more than ever people are looking for another option and we must take this opportunity to grow our party. We are the “Party of Principle” and together we can make full affiliation throughout the state a reality.

- Committees

We must emphasize the importance of our committees by strengthening the relationship between the committees and the Executive Committee. Our committees are the workhouses of the organization and it is paramount to take care of those who take care of the party. We need to have a clear vision and stated focus for each committee.

As a party we need to make sure that we get our volunteers on the right track from the beginning and that starts with good communication. Each volunteer for our party should be given clear details on what they can do to get started. Everyone should have an understanding of what is expected from the committee and what is needed from the party to make that committee successful. The Executive Committee should avoid mirco-managing of the committees and the first step of making sure there is not a need for this, is to get our committees fully staffed, fully involved, and fully accountable.

- Fundraising

I think it is vital that the Libertarian Party of Florida develop a Fundraising Committee to conduct LPF Fundraisers year round. If we want to spend money, we first need to have money to spend. This spending money should be less reliant on large donations and more reliant on money we as a party work for.

There are over 22,000 registered Libertarians around the State of Florida. I would like to implement a push for recurring donations with the emphasis being that even the smallest amount helps out so much. My “How Much is Liberty Worth to YOU?” initiative would focus on getting a recurring donation of as little as $5 per month to help fight for liberty. If just 20% of registered Libertarians committed to that small amount our party would have over $20,000 per month to work with.

We need to implement a “Libertarian Party of Florida” store where county affiliates can buy supplies and members can buy T-shirts and other Libertarian Party “gear” for a small profit to the LPF.

As a party we also need to focus on fundraising through outreach events within each community. We need to partner with our county affiliates with joint “community outreach” events that make money for both the state party and the local affiliate.

There are many ways to generate revenue for the party and I am committed to working with a Fundraising Committee to bring these and other great ideas to fruition.

- Communication

Something that I have noticed during my time involved with the Libertarian Party of Florida is lack of communication. Not only the lack of communication that I previously addressed with our committees, but lack of communication between our Executive Committee, Region Representatives, county affiliates and members.

With the use of social media, we have no excuse to not offer easy communication and full accessibility to aid all of our members and volunteers  any information regarding their activism responsibilities and goals.Our website is looking better than ever but there are is still improvements that can be made to get our members the information on what is going on at the state party level.  Our newsletters need to be getting out the word on everything that is going on around the state with county affiliates, as well as, what is being accomplished in our committees and any “wins for liberty” that may have been had around the state. Seeing the work other people are doing is a great motivator to get out and get active. The better we are at maintaining open and routine communication, the more accountability  we will feel towards our team mates, thus encouraging and motivating us all.

- Outreach

Contrary to popular belief, we (the Libertarian Party) are deep in diversity. Our ideals, goals and principles are those that can be easily understood and are embraced by people of all walks of life.  We need to BE the change we advocate. We need to be on the forefront on issues, lobbying our legislators and making sure we continue our recent efforts of putting out press releases to inform the public that the LPF is here, we stand for the people, and we welcome them with open arms.  This will go to build credibility and respectability with the people. They know the two party system is corrupt but we need to show them that we are here fighting for their liberty. We are doing the job that the other parties just talk about. Our candidates will start to hold offices but even before that we need the Libertarian name to be known as the party that will not give up on freedom.

We need to take this approach not only at the state level, but at all levels of government in our throughout the state regardless of the size. Our outreach must not be limited to trying to get registered libertarians to sign up for the LPF but to those members of the LPF to increase their activity level. We need to get out in our communities and make sure the Libertarian name is known for our activism, our principles and our dedication to liberty.

Today we find the Libertarain Party of Florida in a very promising position to achieve the goals our party has been advocating for and working towards since it’s inception. If given the opportunity to serve as your Chairperson I will bring a fresh perspective, and a comprehensive plan which will continue us on the momentum to reach these goals.

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