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Adrian Wyllie: The POWER of 300

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 12, 2014 Comments are off 42 views

If 6,000 volunteers can do this, we will have 1.8 million voters who are extremely likely to vote for Adrian. This is the number Adrian needs to win the election. Voters will be mailed a Super Brochure based in this order

The Liberty Underground Show 4/11/14

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 12, 2014 Comments are off 32 views

Recent political polling places Wyllie within range of winning election

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 11, 2014 Comments are off 2006 views

The actual question asked to the surveyed voters read: “If the Florida Governor’s race was held today, would you vote for Charlie Crist, Rick Scott, Adrian Wyllie, or are you undecided?”

Beer battle bubbles up in Senate, stumbles along

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 9, 2014 Comments are off 69 views

Craft brewers have objected to moves to restrict their operations – limiting the number of “guest taps” of other beers they don’t manufacture and forcing them to sell to distributors who then sell it back to the brewers at a mark-up.

URGENT RIGHT NOW! Florida Sheriffs Association Trying to GUT the Right to Bear Arms in an Emergency

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 7, 2014 Comments are off 755 views

Please send an email RIGHT NOW to ask these committee members to SUPPORT SB-296 with NO AMENDMENTS

Minister prevented from feeding homeless without permit from Health Department

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 1, 2014 Comments are off 127 views

Abiding by city ordinance requires a permit that costs hundreds of dollars.

Florida’s Dirty Dozen

Posted by Alexander Snitker March 18, 2014 Comments are off 185 views

Twelve Repealers That Can Boost Business, Create Jobs,and Change Florida’s Economic Policy for the Better

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