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Off The Rails 5/27/15

Posted by Alexander Snitker May 28, 2015 Comments are off 25 views

Alex, Greg and James discuss Foreign Policy

Something Fishy Under the Sun

Posted by Adrian Wyllie March 26, 2015 Comments are off 2256 views

Something smelled fishy at Tuesday evening’s Tampa 912 meeting at the American Legion hall, and it wasn’t last week’s fish fry. At issue was the proposed ballot initiative to lift regulations on personal and business generation and sale of solar energy. Before a packed house and media presence, the two opposing sides faced off in a heated debate.

New Common Core Legislation Has Been Introduced. TAKE ACTION!!!!

Posted by Alexander Snitker March 9, 2015 Comments are off 281 views

Representative Tobia and Senator Evers have sponsored companion legislation (HB 1121/SB 1496) on the issue of education standards, testing and Common Core. After a thorough review of the legislation, the Liberty First Network would like to bring you the strengths and weaknesses of this legislation and how it compares to the legislation sponsored by Representative Mayfield (HB 743/HB 877) and Senator Bullard (SB 1450/SB 1406) already filed for the 2015 Legislative Session.

Libertarian Party of Florida Will Continue to Stand with Floridans for Solar Choice

Posted by Alexander Snitker March 9, 2015 Comments are off 221 views

“It seems to me AFP has taken up the energy company’s talking points and wrapped them around a grand conspiracy theory to scare people. It’s unacceptable and I expected more from their organization.”

Libertarian has license to make a statement about licenses

Posted by Alexander Snitker February 25, 2015 Comments are off 270 views

On Monday in Collier, Wyllie, 44, will get his third crack at arguing that recent changes to Florida’s driver’s license requirements are an unconstitutional invasion of privacy.

Truth in Media: The Origin of ISIS

Posted by Alexander Snitker February 25, 2015 Comments are off 194 views

Liberty First Network January 2015 Legislative Updates

Posted by Alexander Snitker January 30, 2015 Comments are off 245 views

This session looks very positive as we have many bills to work for instead of working against. Our goals for the legislative season have been well received in the capitol and we are looking forward to the next few months.

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