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Wyllie Takes First Step in Fighting for Debate Inclusion, Hires Well Known First Amendment Attorney Luke Lirot

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 25, 2014 Comments are off 466 views

“For too long, the Republican-Democrat ‘duopoly’ has controlled the conversation, and they have used their power to silence the competition. Their attempts to exclude me from the debates is just another example,” said Wyllie. “The people of Florida are demanding a third choice, and we are going to make sure that their voice is heard. We will not go quietly.”

The Liberty Underground Show 9/12/2014

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 23, 2014 Comments are off 293 views

The Liberty Underground Show is LIVE Fridays from 9AM to Noon

Why sheriffs oppose medical pot: Profits, not public safety

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 22, 2014 Comments are off 550 views

According to Justice Department records, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office took in more than $1.2 million from the federal Assets Forfeiture Fund just since 2007, part of the $230 million that all of Florida’s law-enforcement agencies received from the fund during that period.

Adrian Wyllie Libertarian Candidate for Florida Governor Town Hall

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 18, 2014 Comments are off 220 views

Adrian Wyllie Libertarian Candidate for Florida Governor Town Hall Online Town Hall on Wednesday, September 17th at 7pm at the Datex Center in Clearwater, FL . He will be taking questions from Twitter and Google as well as from the audience in attendance.

Andrews asks court to hold governor and attorney general in violation of state Sunshine laws

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 4, 2014 Comments are off 197 views

He now alleges that the governor’s office not only withheld documents but engaged in “actively concealing them” and “conspiring with others known and unknown, to conceal public records” from him as well as “delaying the production of public records to interfere with the Petitioner’s prosecution of Andrews v. Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund (“BOT”), Case No. 2012 CA 859.”

Not-so-mysterious group joins Red Light Cam fight

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 2, 2014 Comments are off 187 views

Even though residents, upset with the city’s over-aggressive “rolling right” enforcement, gained enough signatures for a referendum, Brooksville’s city council & city attorney have indicated the ballot language goes too far and is too vague for the city charter.

Red-light camera referendum won’t make Nov. ballot

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 2, 2014 Comments are off 175 views

At the city council’s request, Taylor has asked a judge to reject the Miketinacs’ referendum language on constitutional grounds. Taylor late last week said he had not received a response to that request.

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