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Adrian Wyllie’s prediction for the final outcome of the Republican National Convention nominating process

Posted by Alexander Snitker February 7, 2016 Comments are off 45 views

By Adrian Wyllie Here’s my prediction for the final outcome of the Republican National Convention nominating process. Donald J. Trumpgets a plurality of the votes in the first round, which is “uuge!” Before he can accept the nomination, a delegate shouts “Trump, you suck!” The Donald rushes into the crowd and spends the next hour […]


Posted by Alexander Snitker January 13, 2016 Comments are off 248 views

My assessment of the State of the Union is quite different than President Obama’s, and much simpler. I see a national debt that will hit $20 trillion by the time he leaves office. I see a government that was too big and too overreaching when he took office, and has gotten more so under his watch.

Central Planning Still Not Fixing China’s Economic Woes

Posted by Greg Bowen July 27, 2015 Comments are off 437 views

Despite all hands on deck from the central planners in China, stocks fell 8.5 percent today. This is the largest one-day drop in eight years for China’s stock market.

Media in the Wake of Tragedy

Posted by Matt Wright June 19, 2015 Comments are off 811 views

Currently we are living in a country who is obsessed with the news. This comes from the needless sensationalism created by 24 hour news stations who must trump up stories in order to fight the competing outlets for ratings.

Every Single Federal Employee’s Personal Information Compromised

Posted by Greg Bowen June 11, 2015 Comments are off 628 views

The cyber-attacks that have compromised the personal data of U.S. Federal Government employees are far worse than the Obama Administration has been willing to admit. I know, shocking. AP reports that a government worker union representative has revealed that the personal information and Social Security numbers of every single Federal Government employee has been compromised. I […]

Off The Rails 5/27/15

Posted by Alexander Snitker May 28, 2015 Comments are off 694 views

Alex, Greg and James discuss Foreign Policy

Something Fishy Under the Sun

Posted by Adrian Wyllie March 26, 2015 Comments are off 3025 views

Something smelled fishy at Tuesday evening’s Tampa 912 meeting at the American Legion hall, and it wasn’t last week’s fish fry. At issue was the proposed ballot initiative to lift regulations on personal and business generation and sale of solar energy. Before a packed house and media presence, the two opposing sides faced off in a heated debate.

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