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If you are looking for the reason why Dick Cheney is the most despicable person ever

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 21, 2015 Comments are off 212 views

Not that you really needed another reason

Who killed the gun bills in Tallahassee?

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 21, 2015 Comments are off 135 views

We don’t know which Republicans on each committee were in opposition to these pieces of legislation but we can say for certain that Republicans could have passed these good bills on the 2nd Amendment and did not. In fact, we can say, with all certainty, that it was the lack of Republican support that killed them.

Not Stealing = Giving

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 21, 2015 Comments are off 148 views

A burglar comes into your home, and at the point of a gun, takes your TV, stereo, cash on hand, and other valuables. You file some paperwork with the burglar complaining that he took too much. After a few months he returns your TV. According to the 1984ish New-speak out of the Washington Post, this is the same as giving you a handout. New-speak definition: Giving = Not Stealing.

Even Conservative Press Promotes Statism

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 13, 2015 Comments are off 187 views

Consider the fact running around that notes the cops have killed more people in the USA this year than England’s did in the last century, and we have an obvious problem that the press and our government don’t want the people to address or acknowledge. Our police act more like enforcer for our royal rulers than protectors of individual rights.

The Fight to Protect Florida From Itself

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 9, 2015 Comments are off 484 views

The people of Florida voted in November on whether or not they should be allowed to have a freedom of choice when it comes to their medical choices. A resounding 58% of the voters chose to allow that freedom within the state. This showed that Floridians didn’t want more restrictions placed upon them by a Government who claims to have their best interest at heart.

Brian Williams Suspended, But Where Are the Shackles For The Liars That Caused The War?

Posted by Greg Bowen February 11, 2015 Comments are off 389 views

But those who told the most damaging and fatal lies relating to the Iraq War have yet to, and more than likely never will, face consequences for the blood on their hands.

The Past Was Dead, The Future Was Unimaginable

Posted by Greg Bowen February 10, 2015 Comments are off 235 views

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face–forever.

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