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Brian Williams Suspended, But Where Are the Shackles For The Liars That Caused The War?

Posted by Greg Bowen February 11, 2015 Comments are off 290 views

But those who told the most damaging and fatal lies relating to the Iraq War have yet to, and more than likely never will, face consequences for the blood on their hands.

The Past Was Dead, The Future Was Unimaginable

Posted by Greg Bowen February 10, 2015 Comments are off 169 views

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face–forever.

Centralized Data Housing Creates Centralized Data Risk

Posted by Greg Bowen February 9, 2015 Comments are off 196 views

In Bluffdale, Utah the NSA has built a $2 billion data-center to house the results of both their approved and clandestine spying programs.

12 Years a Liar

Posted by Greg Bowen February 8, 2015 Comments are off 205 views

Brian Williams of NBC News is facing considerable backlash for his storytelling. It would seem he is better suited for circle time in a kindergarten class than a national news desk.

American Sniper Roundtable Review

Posted by Greg Bowen February 7, 2015 Comments are off 152 views

Alex Snitker, Danielle Alexandre, Greg Bowen, and Brandon Jones of The Global Dispatch review and discuss the movie American Sniper.

Budweiser’s First Public Shot Against Craft Breweries

Posted by Alexander Snitker February 5, 2015 Comments are off 281 views

Anheuser-Busch InBev is now having to look at their own model and make changes to compete in an industry where competition was never an issue. Launching an attack ad on the most watched event on TV is simply the first public shot against the craft beer industry.

Brutality Rages On In The Middle East

Posted by Greg Bowen February 4, 2015 Comments are off 151 views

Reciprocal aggression has only escalated this situation and emboldened the groups like ISIS. Our freedom and our homeland are in greater danger than they have ever been in our lifetime, even after we have declared our missions accomplished and withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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