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Help the Liberty First Network Keep Fighting for Liberty in Tallahassee

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 9, 2015 Comments are off 74 views

Right now, your Florida Legislature is passing laws that will impact your daily life. Much of this legislation will limit your economic freedom, your personal liberty, and your childrens’ future. The Liberty First Network is fighting for liberty, and countering the special interests in Tallahassee working against you.

The Neil Shelton Story

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 4, 2015 Comments are off 687 views

“I was purposely being kept away from my divorce case,” said Shelton. When he tried to complete legal divorce work while in jail, he said he was punished for doing so. “I was not allowed to have or make phone calls, have visits, money on books or send and receive mail for a long time.”

1000 Foot View on Cannabis in the 2015 Florida Legislature

Posted by Alexander Snitker March 17, 2015 Comments are off 289 views

This year Florida lawmakers have a full deck of cannabis bills sponsored by Republicans and Democrats.

“legal jihad” against a North Carolina dad

Posted by Raquel Okyay March 15, 2015 Comments are off 469 views

The Guardian ad Litem, social workers, court appointed attorney, and law enforcement involved, have done absolutely nothing to protect his children, he said. “In fact, they are guilty of child abuse themselves.”

New Common Core Legislation Has Been Introduced. TAKE ACTION!!!!

Posted by Alexander Snitker March 9, 2015 Comments are off 227 views

Representative Tobia and Senator Evers have sponsored companion legislation (HB 1121/SB 1496) on the issue of education standards, testing and Common Core. After a thorough review of the legislation, the Liberty First Network would like to bring you the strengths and weaknesses of this legislation and how it compares to the legislation sponsored by Representative Mayfield (HB 743/HB 877) and Senator Bullard (SB 1450/SB 1406) already filed for the 2015 Legislative Session.

Budweiser’s First Public Shot Against Craft Breweries

Posted by Alexander Snitker February 5, 2015 Comments are off 315 views

Anheuser-Busch InBev is now having to look at their own model and make changes to compete in an industry where competition was never an issue. Launching an attack ad on the most watched event on TV is simply the first public shot against the craft beer industry.

Liberty First Network January 2015 Legislative Updates

Posted by Alexander Snitker January 30, 2015 Comments are off 189 views

This session looks very positive as we have many bills to work for instead of working against. Our goals for the legislative season have been well received in the capitol and we are looking forward to the next few months.

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