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Adrian Wyllie Ad – November Rising

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 15, 2014 Comments are off 409 views

Adrian Wyllie is the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Florida in 2014. As Governor, he will continue to defend the life, liberty and property of all Floridians from excessive taxation, overbearing regulation, invasions of privacy, and all unconstitutional interference from the state and federal governments.

Wyllie Campaign Announces the August Wyllie for Governor Craft Brewery Tour

Posted by Alexander Snitker July 20, 2014 Comments are off 324 views

August kicks off the Wyllie for Governor Campaign Craft Brewery Tour. The campaign team will be traveling the state from the Florida Keys to the Panhandle the entire month of August to show support for a small business industry that has come under attack by the legislators in Tallahassee this past session.

Now Is the Time to Organize Your Town’s Wyllie Campaign Phone Banking

Posted by Alexander Snitker July 17, 2014 Comments are off 211 views

We’ll provide you with a list of volunteers. You contact them and either schedule everyone to meet up at a local wifi spot with their laptops and cell phones or help them phone bank from their homes. Use the precinct blast tool to access the voter phone list and scripts.

Wyllie issues Ultimatum to Florida Press Association

Posted by Alexander Snitker July 5, 2014 Comments are off 375 views

Therefore, I refuse to accept your rules, and I present you with the following ultimatum. I will attend the FPA/FSNE Gubernatorial Forum on July 10th in Coral Gables. You may either allow me to participate in the forum, or you may have me arrested.

Develop Citizen Comprehensive Plan as Alternative to Hernando County Government’s Dubious Schemes

Posted by Alexander Snitker July 5, 2014 Comments are off 268 views

The Nature Coast Coalition for Peace and Justice has joined forces with other concerned citizens and local conservative groups to invite the public to its second set of monthly town hall meetings at the two Spring Hill public libraries to discuss the county’s comprehensive plan, and to explore ideas on developing an alternative citizen’s plan.

Common Core and the 2014 Florida Legislative Session

Posted by Alexander Snitker June 12, 2014 Comments are off 271 views

In 2013, parents across the state of Florida started to speak out against Common Core Standards yet fell short of stopping the implementation. The 2014 legislative session saw a continuation of that battle. John Hallman has completed his analysis of the changes made and what they mean for our students.

Anti-camera petition certified

Posted by Alexander Snitker June 8, 2014 Comments are off 205 views

The Hernando County Supervisor of Elections Office certified 536 signatures on petitions to get the red-light camera issue placed on November ballot. The number was about 60 more than required.

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