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5-Hour Video Seminar on CD-ROM – Included!

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2½ Hour Audio Classroom on 2 Audio CDs – Included!

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15 In-Depth Lawsuit Tutorials on CD – All 15 Included!

Includes Essential Lawsuit Resource Library on CD-ROM

(Complete List Below )

Forms for Civil Cases - Simplified Forms for Pleadings, Motions, & Discovery

How To Win - Advanced Lawsuit Procedure & Case-Winning Pro Se Tactics

Evidence Made Easy - The Rules of Evidence Simplified

Motions & Hearings - How to Move the Court to Get What You Want

Causes of Action - Essential Keys to Winning in Court (Now Includes Injunctions)

Courtroom Objections - How to Preserve a Winning Record for Appeal

Affirmative Defenses - How Defendants Defend Aggressively!

The Language of Law - Understanding “Legalese” and Legal Philosophy

How to Be Heard - A Simplified Overview of Lawsuit Procedure

Common Law Maxims - Self-Evident Power to Control Judges & Lawyers

Complete Lawsuit Flowchart - Lawsuit Procedure At-a-Glance

Hiring an Attorney - How to Find and Contract with an “Honest Lawyer”

Summary Judgment - Winning Your Lawsuit with a Single Motion

Natural Law - Fundamental Legal Philosophy Explained

Easy Guide to the Rules - A Handy Reference to the Rules of Court

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