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Local Libertarians Elect New Board

Posted by Danielle Alexandre January 21, 2014 Comments are off 827 views

Last night, January 13, 2014, the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County held their annual meeting in downtown Lake Worth, Florida. Their original intent was simply to elect a new treasurer, vice-chair and an at-large director, however their chairman suddenly resigned creating a shake up of their executive committee.

2012-05-11 Liberty Underground Radio Show

Posted by Adrian Wyllie May 12, 2012 Comments are off 694 views

Adrian Wyllie & Danielle Alexandre logically analyze the difference between Romney and Obama while Alex Snitker calls our listeners “thick-skulled idiot sheep”, we discuss the latest collaborative effort by al Qaeda, Saudi Intelligence and the CIA plot to blow up a commercial airliner, and discuss how hard is too hard to squeeze a Congressman’s testicles. […]

2012-04-20 Liberty Underground Radio Show

Posted by Adrian Wyllie April 22, 2012 Comments are off 604 views

Alex Snitker, Adrian Wyllie & Loring Smith wish everyone a happy 420, we detail the City of Tampa’s suspension of the Constitution by prohibiting everyday items and activities in Tampa’s “CLEAN ZONE” during the 2012 RNC Convention, and we talk about the new, MAP-21 bill in Congress that will revoke your passport if you owe […]

2012-04-06 Liberty Underground Radio Show

Posted by Adrian Wyllie April 7, 2012 Comments are off 659 views

Alex and Adrian talk about the attempt by Americans for Prosperity to take over the patriot movement and use them as a tool for the GOP establishment, and how they are forcing out anyon who sees AFP’s true plan, including Alex and Adrian. Our in-studio guests are Greg Bowen, Pinellas Co. Sheriff candidate Scott Swope, […]

Part 2: FEMA tells you prepare, FBI labels you a terrorist, SB 1867 puts you in a prison camp

Posted by Adrian Wyllie December 17, 2011 Comments are off 436 views

Libertarians Rally in Live Oak

Posted by Adrian Wyllie June 26, 2011 Comments are off 571 views

Caroline Gonzmart WCTV Tallahassee   A small group of Florida Libertarians voiced their concern about a citizen who they say is being ‘persecuted’ by government officials. Members of the Libertarian Party of Florida rallied near the Suwannee County Capitol building. They say a citizen has been mistreated by government officials.

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