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State legislator seeks a new carbon tax on bicycle riders

Posted by Alexander Snitker March 3, 2013 Comments are off 658 views

By Kennth Schortgen Jr On March 2, an email sent out by a Washington state legislator surfaced that indicated that he is in support of a new tax on bicycle sales which acts as a carbon tax forcyclists who pollute the environment through the increased expulsion of carbon dioxide. This new tax, which is part of current […]

One Week to Make History

Posted by Alexander Snitker October 28, 2012 Comments are off 602 views

  By Alex Snitker In 1776 our founders assembled and created a country based on human freedom. They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, and some lost all to accomplish what has become known as the “shinning beacon on a hill.” A place where huddled masses could come and be free. They […]

Paul’s Masses Vow to Unseat Mitt Romney!

Posted by Alexander Snitker May 16, 2012 3 Comments 786 views

By: Jote’ Thompson The Chronicles of Freedom With Ron Paul’s victory in Arizona over the weekend, where Paul won the majority of delegates along with Virginia where Paul is now poised to win there, one would ask, why the hec did Ron Paul send out an e-mail on Monday leading people to believe he’s dropping […]

Ron Paul’s statement and questions for FED Chairman Ben Bernanke

Posted by Alexander Snitker March 1, 2012 1 Comment 485 views

Who is going to take the place of Ron Paul in Congress when he is gone in 2013?

Information on voting for Ron Paul in the Primaries

Posted by Alexander Snitker December 19, 2011 Comments are off 390 views

By Deb and Tony Caso The information attached is for Florida Voters that would like to notify friends or family that would like to vote for DR. RON PAUL but are NOT registered Republicans. Many new residents are not aware that they will not be able to vote in the Presidential Primary  unless they are […]

Paul Now Leads: Romney Stuck, Gingrich Slipping Away!

Posted by Alexander Snitker December 19, 2011 Comments are off 405 views

By: Jote’ Thompson The Chronicles of Freedom The republican establishment tonight is helping itself to defeat in the 2012 presidential elections. Republican talk radio has made a wrong turn on a one way street with it’s gamble to attack presidential candidate Ron Paul, anyway they can. The garbage they are spewing brings back memories of […]

Many DHS grants ineffective, lack proper oversight

Posted by Alexander Snitker September 21, 2011 Comments are off 506 views

David Muhlhausen, a research fellow in empirical policy analysis at the Heritage Foundation, recently spoke with Homeland Security NewsWire’s executive editor Eugene K. Chow; in their interview, Muhlhausen discusses the efficacy of DHS’p Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) grant program, the need for objective evaluation of UASI as well as other DHS grants, and various […]

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