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Liberty Underground Radio Show January, 21 2011 Hour 2

Posted by Adrian Wyllie January 21, 2011 Comments are off 361 views

2011-01-21 Liberty Underground Hour 2 We follow up with Tarpon Springs PD and Attorney Kevin Hayslett on the unjust Kilgore arrest, and have a roundtable discussion with Real Estate experts Lance Huggett and Laura Rambeau Lee to discuss the housing collapse and the mortgage crisis.

College Student Arrested For Filming Traffic Stop

Posted by Adrian Wyllie January 21, 2011 Comments are off 990 views

by Adrian Wyllie 1787 Network TARPON SPRINGS, FLORIDA – William Kilgore, a student at St. Petersburg College, commonly engages in a practice known as “cop watching,” which entails video recording police officers as they interact with citizens in public, for example during traffic stops. On Saturday, January 15, 2011, Kilgore and his friend Thomas Frain, […]

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