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One Week to Make History

Posted by Alexander Snitker October 28, 2012 Comments are off 616 views

  By Alex Snitker In 1776 our founders assembled and created a country based on human freedom. They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, and some lost all to accomplish what has become known as the “shinning beacon on a hill.” A place where huddled masses could come and be free. They […]

VIDEO: Wyllie Surrenders License in Real ID Protest, Notifies Police

Posted by Adrian Wyllie May 18, 2011 Comments are off 613 views

Austin Parris Withdraws LPF State Chair Campaign, Endorses Adrian Wyllie

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 27, 2011 Comments are off 431 views

To My Fellow Libertarians, With less than a week away for our State Convention, it is time for decisions to be made regarding the direction of our State Party, its leadership, and the initiatives that will embody that leadership in the coming term(s). As we all participated in a debate regarding the position, it became […]

Radical Plan or Watered Down Agenda?

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 24, 2011 Comments are off 443 views

Alexander Massa Candidate for Massachutes State Representative Everyone these days is talking about Paul Ryan’s supposedly “radical” budget plan, which calls for slight cuts in funding here and there for the massive bureaucracies of our federal government. The so-called “plan”, as many of you are no doubt aware, is probably the farthest thing from […]

Alex Storms the Florida Press Association

Posted by Alexander Snitker April 23, 2011 Comments are off 540 views

Storms may not be the best term to use. It would be better to say that I walked in calmly and took a picture in front of the podium. Why is this so funny? This link below will answer it for you. Alex at Florida Press Association event

Libertarian Party of Florida State Chair Debate Hosted by The Liberty Underground Show

Posted by Alexander Snitker February 20, 2011 2 Comments 497 views

Alexander Snitker 1787Network The Liberty Underground Show is proud to host the Libertarian Party of Florida State Chair Debate. This debate will be held on The Liberty Underground Radio Show Friday March 25th at 9 AM. You can hear the debate on Tan-Talk 1340 AM and will be streaming live on This debate will allow every candidate […]

Rand Paul on Freedom Watch Talking About the Patriot Act

Posted by Alexander Snitker February 14, 2011 Comments are off 483 views

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