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The 2013 Red Light Camera State Report Analysis

Posted by Alexander Snitker January 14, 2014 Comments are off 1014 views

This analysis has shown serious flaws in the system. It is my opinion that they need to be addressed by the Legislature and they should be exposed by journalists in the media. Yet the latter historically never bother to look beyond the numbers and parrot them as truth in news stories.

Help The Liberty First Network Work For You In Tallahassee

Posted by Alexander Snitker January 2, 2014 Comments are off 748 views

They have already started working on the 2014 session with a fight on the final implementation of common core, Agenda 21, an expansion of medicaid and of course the health care exchanges found in ObamaCare. They are also working on some positive pieces of legislation to present in Tallahassee this upcoming session.

As long as you do what you know to be right…

Posted by Alexander Snitker May 6, 2011 Comments are off 301 views

By Paul Henry “As Long as you do what you know to be right … you’ll never be wrong.” This phrase was something used by one of the instructors at the FHP Academy many years ago. His point was that if you knew in your heart and based on your training that what you were […]

2011-04-01 Liberty Underground Hour 1

Posted by Adrian Wyllie April 1, 2011 Comments are off 353 views

2011-04-01 Liberty Underground Hour 1 Topics include RFID coming to a drivers license near you, and a small victory on the red light camera ban…but more challenges follow.  Guests this hour include Paul Henry of Floridians Against Real ID and William Crowley of Freedom Seekers.

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